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2000 Members! PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Guillaume le Courageux   
Tuesday, 13 May 2008

textedit_80.pngJust today, the knights and ladies of the Round Table grew 2000 members strong!


... and there was much rejoycing.  Wink

I am proud to welcome Hejhej as official member #2000 to the site. May our numbers grow even more in the future! You can expect a detalied census about all members registered here soon.



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2000 Members! May 13 2008 15:48
This thread discusses the Content article: 2000 Members!

Let's celebrate this symbolic day - and welcome again HejHej! Can you tell us a bit about you? Where are you from (By your name, I assume Sweden?), how did you find the Round Table?
Re:2000 Members! May 13 2008 16:28
Hurrah! Our keep is 2000 knights strong! Quite a force indeed
I am positive if we keep this rate of growth in a quiet time for bretonnians then when a new army book approaches we shall have quite a number here

Anyway, cheers to all, for making this undoubtebly my favourite warhammer community
Re:2000 Members! May 13 2008 16:56
Tis a joyous event! Lets party!
Re:2000 Members! May 13 2008 17:17
Being here since 200 ish members... this site has finally increased to a literal 10x the size then what it was two years ago, it's amazing.

Cheers to all!

Re:2000 Members! May 13 2008 17:37
2000, yep the forum has grown a bit

Settles down on a roof overlooking the market place,
opens a fine bottle of wine.
Then throws in a shiny copper towards the center of the square..
And watches the peasant crowd go wild as each and everyone want to get to that copper first..

Good wine and cheap entertainment, hooray!
Re:2000 Members! May 13 2008 18:12
As another who has been around a long time, I'm quite amazed by the size that it's grown by. We almost have enough knights to go on an errantry war.
Re:2000 Members! May 13 2008 18:33
Or two.
Re:2000 Members! May 14 2008 00:03
Wohooo go us!

- Lord Ribbit -
Re:2000 Members! May 14 2008 05:20
And there was much rejoice!

just think of those cartoon figures of Monty Python
Re:2000 Members! May 14 2008 05:38
Well I was the 30th Knight to join. A little disappointing to see all those blanks shields in the Knight's List however. Come one Knights, get some heraldry done!
There are too many comments to list them all here. See the forum for the full discussion.

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