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Tactica: Lizardmen PDF Print E-mail
User Rating: / 26
Written by Lord_Ribbit   
Thursday, 10 April 2008
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Tactica: Lizardmen
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With my first army being Lizardmen, and having played them extensively, I have decided to share my knowledge on how LM work and what Bretonnians can do to stop them. What this article will cover is Lizardmen Units, their Strengths, Weaknesses, and Tactics to use against them.





The Lizardmen are a very balanced army, and can perform well against most others. They have a army wide special rule, Cold-Blooded, that allows them to use 3D6 dice for all leadership based rolls, discarding the highest. This makes breaking LM units pretty tough. They are also a very fast moving army, with most of the units having a movement of 6.

They have some of the best skirmishers in the game, and rock solid rank and file troops in the form of Saurus. Their special choices are also well balanced and powerful, as well as their rare choices. We will now go into each unit, give its Strengths and Weaknesses, and how Bretonnians can counter each unit.


Last Updated ( Saturday, 03 May 2008 )
Discuss (5 posts)
Tactica: Lizardmen Apr 11 2008 12:30
This thread is for the discussion of the article: Tactica: Lizardmen

Leave your feedback, comments, and questions here.

Thanks for reading!

- Lord Ribbit -
Re:Tactica: Lizardmen Apr 11 2008 17:01
It's a good read, has good points on several LM troops and heroes.

But I get the feeling you only were interested in the units you normally use with Lizardmen.
Saurus warriors, jungle swarms, Saurus cav and chameleon skinks don't get the attention they deserve..

Saurus warriors
High T, 2 attacks per model, and coldblooded Ld 8 which effectively can be regarded as Ld 10 in most case.
What's there not to like? Even it's price is Ok..
They are slow, but most infantery is slow, LM has enough fast stuff to support them..
Against shooty armies they would be most likely be screened by skinks
Joined by a Saurus BSB with the movement banner, a unit can do quite nice things
Charging a unit on it's flank/rear. This in addition to the normal use of charge range bonus
Sacred spawnings make them quite versitile, even if it increases it´s status to special or even rare (2 spawnings)

One of the best infantery in the game!
Reliable, tough, 4+ savein cc(hw+shield) and upgrades by spawnings

Even better infantery then above because they are stubborn.
Combine this with a Slann which also is the BSB, makes this a unit which will not easily break.
Also more expensive then normal warriors so quite a pointdrain with the attached Slann.
No Sacred spawning however..

Jungle swarms
Fast, agile, and 5 poisoned attacks with 360 degrees LOS
Good against anything that doesn't have a good armour save.
A bit too expensive true but still usable in the 7th edition with the new swarm rules, but don't charge fully infantery units with them. Crumbling is a problem..
Using them as tarpits is no longer a good option

Saurus Cav
Yes 3+ save makes them vulnerable to shooting, so stay away from S4 or higher shooting from them.
Stupid, yes but the Coldblooded rule negates most of that..
Fails only about 1 in 12 for that test.. not bad..
Is not heavy cavalry, medium at best, Making a frontal charge to a full ranked up unit is not their strength..
That movement banner is going to deliver them in the flank of a unit if you don't take precautions

Chameleon skinks.
Their unique scouting ability means you can be marchblocked from the start..
The normal scouting distance is negated when they stay are deplyed in terrain/out of LOS..
Can also deploy in the open but then 12 inch distance is required..
Well worth their points (65 min. sized) for their marchblocking abilities.. Sure they can hunt warmachines and mages too, but that´s not their best ability..
Their small unitsize make them quite adept at hiding in even the smallest of terrain.

I miss also a section on spawnings and magic items in this tactica.

That´s it for now
Re:Tactica: Lizardmen Apr 11 2008 17:31
I definatly agree that Saurus Warriors are amazing. I do use them on occasion. I just know that in tournament lists, Skinks are taken en mass. The only reason they are looked down upon slightly is their lack of speed.

Also, Temple Guard are only Stubborn if joined by a Slann.

In regards to Saurus Cav, You would think Cold-Blooded would negate stupidity, but i cant tell you how many times they have gona stupid on me and got wiped out in return.

I wrote the Tactica from a Competitive/Tournament viewpoint. I focused more on the units you will see and less so on the units you won't see often. If people want to add things on units I didn't really focus on, thats what this thread is for I will possibley update the Tactica with more information gathered here, so thank you for your input

Im gonna write seperate topics on magic items and sacred spawnings.

I originally was gonna do them together, but when I ended up writing over 10 pages on the units, I decided to do them seperately.

Thanks for the input!

- Lord Ribbit -
Re:Tactica: Lizardmen Apr 11 2008 20:27
Warriors are often neglected in tournaments list.
That's often because Skinks are so much cheaper to fill Core requirements

Templeguard is indeed only stubborn with a Slann
But you have to have a Slann to buy TG..
The Slann must join the TG, so unless the Slann is killed the TG is allways stubborn..

I also play DE,with cold one chariots, in comparison the Lizardmen Cold one are quite stable..
But still once in a while they go stupid.. Doesn't worry me too much.
I'm also an O&G player which is used to animosity... And that's for almost all units instead of 1 suarus cav unit
Saurus cav is for me a game winner with the blessed totem of course

Mainly focusing on units that are most commonly used in tournaments, I understand it but it misses out on the rest.
And when you put a lot of effort in such an article, it seems to me just a bit of a waste not to add a bit of extra detail on the not so commonly used units..

I look forward to reading further articles from you

Because if they are used the reader doesn't know how they are used, thus will be surprised
Re:Tactica: Lizardmen Apr 12 2008 01:25
Well the reason I didn't go into a lot of detail on the units less used, is because I dont use them that much haha

Ill look around and find some stuff about them and update the tactica.

- Lord Ribbit -

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