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Sunday, 06 April 2008
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War of the Vampires Part 5&6
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The shackles clanged in the dungeon; the sound of metal clanging on metal joined the hellish howling in the sub-levels. Lord Shriken walked along the rows of tables which were cluttered with various instruments: horrific looking knives and other instruments of torture. His chain mail rang in the echoing chamber as he made his way towards the cell at the other side. He stepped through confidently, his eyes scanning over the shackled beast. The man in the green apron stepped back and gestured the sign for nothing with his blood-stained hands. "Nothing my lord, he is as silent in questioning as he is loud in torture"
Shriken nodded gravely, keeping his eyes away from the hanging fiend "May I have a moment with him, I have something to show him that may make him a little more obedient" He drew his sword hoping the act would mask his true intentions "This may get messy"
the doctor walked towards the small arched exit "Remember, Shriken, we need him alive if he is to be of use" And he walked off. Shriken pocked his head around the corner to satisfy himself and then shut himself in with the beast.

He stepped back and checked the beast over: assessing the damage done. Fresh blood trickled from its back, the whip on the small table providing the cause, A pair of nails had been inserted into it's hands attaching it to the chain in the roof. He wasn't sure how long the beast would last like this; a human could only last twenty minutes at tops before their shoulders dislocated and surely after disconnected from their torso completely. The beast's hair lay on its bare chest, dry caked blood showing the effects were slowly wearing off. He looked at the vampires great teeth and grimaced, he hadn't been able to save its jaw from the blow it had suffered. He slowly began to circle the beast, evaluating how long it had before it would die, again. He would have to move fast, everyone knew that only a spectre could resurrect a vampire, if they found out......... He quickly pushed the thought from his mind, the stone had resurrected the vampire, and he was guilty of nothing. Gritting his teeth he whispered into the vampire's ear. The vampires expressions shifted immensely, he had snarled at the human before him, now he seemed stunned at his words "You may be lying, human, but i do not think so" his voice hissed around the room like an uncoiling snake, "The woman whom you seek lies within the Darkmoth tower, she will not be an easy foe to defeat as she is not full vampire"
Shriken seemed puzzled "Of she is not vampire, then she cannot hope to pose a threat to me, can she?"
The vampire laughed "She shares our strengths, but none of our weaknesses, she is strong and fast, yet she is able to control herself. Worst of all, she cannot be killed by silver, or sunlight, or any other technique that can kill a vampire, yet she can still regenerate at an alarming speed....she is like the other one"
Shriken's head shot to the vampire, a flash of white teeth glistening in the brief movement "No, He was the only one."
The vampire laughed "No, Shriken, you are wrong, he isn't the only one who escaped....you have an equal now, my lord"
Shriken stabbed the vampire in the heart, he shrieked along with his kin as the vampire burned.

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