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Sunday, 06 April 2008
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War of the Vampires: Parts 1&2
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The chill night air blew around her thin cloak, the icy touch brittle against her silk-like skin. She shivered as she made her way towards the inn door; cradling her precious package in her arms. The inn doors lay on their hinges, rotting splinters sticking out trespassers with the smell of rum leaking out from its unclosed doors. She stepped over the threshold and looked around. There was no one there.
She felt the press of the knife on her back, the pressure building upon its razor edge. She marched on in, determined not to look towards the place it had been hidden. The other members of the cult began to move sluggishly into the inn. She kept her expression neutral, it was the only way to fool them. Alice could still feel the effects of the night upon her, she would have to get away from here, or else the night would find her: he would find her.
Much had happened to Alice since her turning, the expression used to describe the changing from human to servant. She had been taken in and accepted as one of the lords own. She had told her to find the treasure that she had once guarded. She had never wanted to refuse more, yet she could do nothing to stop herself, this was the servant's body now.
The two looked the same, but they were a bread apart. The servants are drones, slaves to the Vampires, they have no emotion, they feel no pain. The stronger the infection becomes, the longer you remain one of them. She had been lucky so far, it was only at night that she succumbed to her other side. It was a horrific affliction, it was like she was two people, each shared the same memories, each one held the key to the theirs survival. They are not true people, merely manifestations of Vampires emotionless minds. Heaven knows how they could do it, but one thing was certain, once you where marked by one of them, you stayed one of them. They are the soldiers in this war. They are the infantry of darkness, the daylight warriors of the vampires.

The vampire wars are silent, unknown to all the beings of the old world. Yet silently it controls the entire globe, the events that shape cities, the disappearance of royalty, all the workings of this quiet struggle. For years the vampire slayers, a hidden order within the imperial witch hunters, have been fighting the servant uprising, raiding camps and stealing food, killing vampires and seeding spies. Yet for all this they could not be rid of them, more would come, and more would die. They had quelled it successfully, so far. It was this hidden treasure that would decide who won this war. The treasure was a stone. Alice, one of five vampire slayer leaders, had been charged with delivering the stone to the court of the brethren. Obviously she was a little sidetracked. A vampiric spectre had found her and very nearly killed her. These spectres, these black creatures are the lords of all vampires. They too can only come at night, just as many of there loyal subjects. They are in every sense gods, given near physical form. They cannot be killed, as far as we know, but they can kill us, and it is they that give the marks to servants. They can travel for miles in the blink of an eye, they can reach the highest mountain and create hordes with their minds. Not having a physical form however has it's drawbacks, they are restricted in their powers in ways mortals are not, they are unable to voice their intentions and this cannot control their own horde.. This stone however is the key to both sides success. It is rumoured to have belonged to an ancient king of the old one race, the vampires ancient enemy. This stone was forged to destroy the vampire lords and banish them forever, to a land of love and happiness. However they only partly succeeded, the coming of chaos ended the ritual before it's completion, allowing the dark creatures to scrape at life. 9 of the 12 survived, and 9 more have still to be banished. But is the spectres can get there hands on the stone they can reverse the spell and more. The powers of the stone are near limitless, and the vampires would drain every inch of it in order to achieve greatness. They would regain there physical form, and would be able to shape the world as freely as the old ones, they could forge an Empire or raze an ocean. They could battle with the gods and banish mortals to damnation. One way or the other, this stone would change the world.

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