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Maintenance at this Saturday, 8th of March PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Guillaume le Courageux   
Wednesday, 05 March 2008

textedit_80.pngSome maintenance will be performed the whole upcoming weekend, there may be interrupted connectivity to the Round Table of Bretonnia, especially during Saturday the 8th of March.


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 05 March 2008 )
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Maintenance at this Saturday, 8th of March Mar 05 2008 21:10
This thread discusses the Content article: Maintenance at this Saturday, 8th of March

Best of luck with your work this weekend.

Have you already started doing something? My heraldry has disappeared from my signature.

Re:Maintenance at this Saturday, 8th of March Mar 06 2008 07:29
No, I did not touch anything yet. Is the heraldry still gone? I can see it clearly.

Anyways, most changes are "under the hood", so they should not be noticed at all...
Re:Maintenance at this Saturday, 8th of March Mar 06 2008 12:18
Well now - the issue seems to be IE6. On Firefox it's there - but not on IE6 (neither is yours). I was on IE6 out of convenience while I didn't have my laptop up.

Another thing about IE6 - the BIG headers are really big and the flags look much better than they do on Firefox.

Re:Maintenance at this Saturday, 8th of March Mar 07 2008 08:06
Regarding the flags, I'm still not sure if you're comparing old images with new images. They are supposed to look identical on both browsers. Could you try clearing the browser cache in both of them, and compare again?

The missing signature images is one of the many "features" of IE, not following the web standards. It's a real pain for a webdeveloper, at least now I managed to make the site look mostly consistent on all browsers. But it's getting better with IE7, and there's even more hope for IE8.

I'll try to get a view view IE6 (not easy when running Linux), and see what I can fix. At least the big headers should be no problem. Which ones exactly are too big, in what places?
Re:Maintenance at this Saturday, 8th of March Mar 08 2008 15:42
OK, maintenance is done and everything should work as it did before!

We're now on a different server, which will allow a seamless upgrading of performance, if needed.
Re:Maintenance at this Saturday, 8th of March Mar 08 2008 17:24
Good show.

Who did you go with?

Re:Maintenance at this Saturday, 8th of March Mar 08 2008 17:32
We're with Hosteurope for more than year already, and the move was within their VPS offers to a newer package. I'm really satisfied with the service there - nothing to complain, but you have to do everything yourself.
Re:Maintenance at this Saturday, 8th of March Mar 08 2008 17:37
I don't think that you're complaining about having to do everything yourself - are you?

From what I've experienced - most techs prefer to have complete control.

I expect that you're happier having to do more work to get the perfect solution than being forced to accept inferior support or services.

We tried using Rackspace for a while - but the cost was atrocious. We're now using 1and1 during developing until our products are ready for market. Then we'll need to seek out a more robust and cost effective provider.

Job well done, my friend.

Re:Maintenance at this Saturday, 8th of March Mar 08 2008 18:03
Ah, no, I'm in no way complaining - I really appreciate the complete control, but mentioned it because it is not everyone's stuff. The performance on the VPS we are on is way better than any shared hosting, where they also try to get rid of you when you are actually using the power you want
The possibility to seamlessly upgrade the performance to a higher package is a big advantage.

Also, as you say, there's full access to the whole system, not just a web-based interface. Might I ask what the "products" are in your case? I guess not "woodwork renewal"...
Re:Maintenance at this Saturday, 8th of March Mar 08 2008 18:34
No - not woodwork renewal.

Another fellow and I have been working on an online product for the last 3 1/2 years. Normal turn-around of a product for the internet is about 9 months - so needless to say - the market demand we're after is currently not being met. And so far, the duration of our development has not weakened our opportunity.

I am the dreamer of the two. It's being built on my imagination. He is the miracle man. He makes my dreams work.

It's a good combo.

As for what it is - we've struggled over this for 3 years. When asked what it is that we're building - we have a hard time describing it.

All I can say at this point is that it is online software. Similar - perhaps - to a computer's operating system - except that the applications can be custom designed by the users. And no - not like Google apps.

Sorry -if that's ridiculously vague - but it's all I can submit for now.

Novices will be able to use it through point and click while programmers will be able to write their own code or mash existing systems with it. If you've got something in PHP and something in ASP - just connect them together - point and click.

We're not too far off from providing our first solution for a very unsatisfied but huge commercial sector.

I'd be interested in where you are heading and doing with your own career - Guillaume. PM me if you'd like.

There are too many comments to list them all here. See the forum for the full discussion.

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