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Tuesday, 11 December 2007
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Sands of War - The Captive, part one
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The Marquis gains a bodyguard and almost loses his life.

SANDS OF WAR, The Captive

She was among the prisoners freed by the forces of Bretonnia during the victory at the Wizasrd's Palace. She was quite tall, for a femalel and Friggs had not stretched the Fabric of Truth about her physical attributes. She stood two cubits and weighed a little over 14 stone.

As with the other prisoners, she had been treated for injuries and disease, fed well and allowed to rest. She refused to rest and insisted to have an audience with the man called du Bois Guilbert for it was he who had rescued her, she said, and she owed him her life.

When she was denied the audience , she said nothing, but stopped eating. She asked a second time after four days and when she was denied, she ceased drinking. water. A week later she was found quite delirious. The Damsels attended her recovery, Lilly Christine translated and only after she was granted an audience did the woman eat soup and drink water.

After this history was related to the Marquis d'Ascoyne ,he agreed to the audience and set a date. He was seated under an awning by the local source of water when she was ushered before him. He looked at her and commented to de Maupassant " Is this a female mountain before me? She is two meters in height at least." He turned to welcome the woman.

There was an air of regality about her, either through bloodline or possibly as to her rank in service, but it was clear she was no commoner. Her robes was the deepest blue, edged in a gold trim. Her face was veiled as was her torso, again in a dark blue, near transparent fabric. He knew the fabric to be Arabian Cotton, for he already struck a bargain to trade for the Arabian Cotton with the merchants at Maharek. When offered a chair she refused, but sat on the floor atop a wonderful carpet. The Damsel Lilly Christine stood beside the tall woman of the desert to translate what she said.

"O Lord of the Bretonnians, ye who released me from captivity, ye valiant fighter of the desert people, I thank the good gods that you came to Araby. I will proclaim your deeds all of my life, for I was marked for death by the dogs who would take the Crown of Araby from Tariq."

She prostrated herself before the old warrior. "This humble soul wishes to serve the Great Lord of Bretonnia. I owe you my very life. I have been told that thou art a good man, please grant me this boon that I may serve to live in your service."

The Marquis was dumbfounded and turned to Lady Gandolfyn who stared back wide eyed and shrugging her shoulders, to Lilly Christine who was smiling, to his daughters who were eyeing the going on with a critical eye. De Maupassant and Richelieu stared into space and only Parcifal looked back directly at the Marquis.

Well, he thought. Yer on yer own, lad. She wants to be in my service and I haven't clue as to where she would fit in with my household. He studied her a bit.

Hmmmm, he thought to himself, she could truly reach all the high dusty places at home. She might be abler to cook. He studied the folds of her cloak which revealed nothing. I wonder if she dances? He opined in silence.

Harumphing her displeasure, Lady Gandolfyn went to the tall woman and asked her to get up. The tall woman ignored the Prophetess. The Marquis thought about what he had to say and then said it. Out Loud. In Arabic.

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