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Saturday, 10 September 2005
To ensure every Knight (and Lady) at the Round Table has the best experience here,  please notice the following rules for using this site. Generally, it all boils down to polite, and "knightly" behavior.Knight


Every member at the Round Table is encouraged to submit articles or other content to our community. The author's name is shown in the header of each article, and he holds the copyright of his work. Needless to say, that you are not allowed to use content which is not your own. This applies both for content from this site, or elsewhere.
To avoid useless content or articles in a wrong category, each submission will be briefly checked before publishing. This does not mean any "rating"; instead, each user can rate an article as useful or not.


The Gallery of the Round Table shows uploaded pictures of the users' miniatures. More details about the accepted formats can be found there. Please avoid duplicate or needless images; each user only has a limited number of upload slots. You are only allowed to upload pictures you took, or which show your miniatures!
Direct Linking to our Gallery pictures from "outside" our site uses up the bandwidth of our community while not giving the painter the deserved credit. Instead, please link to the page containing the image.


  • Always use a meaningful post topic, describing your post
  • Needless one-liners or posts with the only purpose of increasing your post count will be deleted by the Moderators.
  • Being an international community, many members of the Round Table will not have English as their native language.  However, we do ask that you try to write in English as well as you can. You can use the "preview"  button to avoid typing errors, or edit your post afterwards
  • It is recommended that you mark your editing of posts, like "Edit: typo". Do not, however, change the general idea of your initial post!
  • No crossposting (posting the same or similar post in different boards). Use the right board for your post, and you will find help!
  • Avoid duplicate topics. Some questions arise regularly, so please use the Forum Search to help you.
  • No offensive posts or flaming are allowed
  • No matter if you're using a threaded display or flat - when replying, always use the button beneath the corresponing post. This helps to maintain the thread structure. To reply to a certain idea, you can also quote the original post.
  • You can add a signature to your posts. But, only a maximum of 6 lines, including an eventually attached small heraldry. You can, e.g., use the one from the "Knights" list.

Avatar / Heraldry

Like many sites, the Round Table allows users to choose an Avatar - those little pictures beside the posts that represent the poster. However, we also have a field for Heraldry, which is displayed on the roll of Knights. We'd like to say a little about the differences between these two.

The Avatar is entirely up to the choice of the user. It should not be animated as this can be very distracting and it should not be offensive, but apart from these rules you may have whatever you wish as your avatar. It can be silly, funny, your heraldry, a photo of a model, a photo of you - whatever you want.

For your Heraldry, however, we ask that it is limited to heraldic devices. This could be a full coat of arms, just the shield, a photo of a painted or drawn shield, or a heraldic badge - but it should be heraldry, not just a picture that represents you. GWUS has a good article on designing heraldry here which should give you some ideas to get started. If you need help designing your heraldry, please ask in the Castle Workshops.

These Rules might be subject to change!

Last Updated ( Sunday, 22 April 2007 )

For technical and legal reasons, the Round Table of Bretonnia has shut down operations. For inquiries and questions, please contact the admin at webmaster@roundtable-bretonnia.org
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