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Wednesday, 26 September 2007


Kind Sirs, there is truth in this tale, for the Camel Spider does exist and is as unpleasant as related here. Any veteran of desert fighting may tell you about this beast.

When the first word of an Arabian War reached his ears, the Marquis checked his inventory and then sent for his tent makers and they arrived within the hour. There were two and the Marquis welcomed them with some good food and wine.

He had designed tents for the Arabian campaign.. Tents with a canvas top treated to repel rain and the sides were-

"Gauze netting?" and the older tent maker nodded, "Obviously to promote coolness in the hot sun." The younger tentmaker inquired about the cool desert nights "

Hercule Achille du Bois Guilbert, cleared his throat. "It is for protection of all warriors whilst acquiring the experience of desert warfare," He walked over to a large box on the table. "Not all enemies are intelligent, some just try to eke out a living amidst the hottest sands of Araby." He opened the box and upturned it, spilling the contents onto the tabletop. Both merchants gasped.

"It is called a Camel Spider by the Arabian people. This one is quite dead, as you can see. They are large . notice the fact that my hand span does not cover it completely and these creatures are constantly hungry." He opened up the legs and explained. "The creature is white, perfect for the desert sands. It burrows down to escape the heat and comes out at night to feed"

He drew attention to the hairless body and large eyes and finally to the mandibles. "The spider enters a tent, slowly bites the victim. Not a rapid bite, as adders, but a slow, near painless bite, more like chewing The venom acts as a nerve deadening toxin and the Camel Spider feeds at its leisure while the victim sleeps." He shook his head "Imagine waking up with half your face gone or your sword arm flensed of flesh by these beasties."

The older merchant swooned and the younger merchant fainted. Gesturing to a servant to attend to the young man, the Marquis continued, " I want to protect the men from these monstrosities"

The younger merchant came to his senses and without losing time suggested large tents, with a canvas top and bottom, heavy netting for the sides with four fabric drop wall to maintain warmth in cooler temperatures. The older merchant took notes. He did some figuring using that beaded device favored by Arabian merchants.

"How many shall the Marquis require" and the Marquis laughed. "You have 88 days to produces as many tents as needed." Unplussed, the old merchant nodded, saying all would be done and the moment he and the younger merchant were free from the Sentinel he instructed his clerk to contact other tent men and have them create the tents for both Nobles and commoners, damsels and commissariat. That it was for Bretonnia and the Marquis d'Ascoyne and it was made so.

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