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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

There are more interviews at The Warvault coming up.

From Angron (The Warvault):

Warvault is proud to present:
Sunday September 30th at 8:30pm GMT
(9:30pm mainland Europe; 03:30pm US Eastern)

What exactly is Steven Savile's big 'secret project'? What else has the celebrated author of the Von Carstein trilogy got in store for us lucky readers?

Once again, Warvault has, through the many powers of Voodoo and hypnosis, managed to convince a Black Library author to join us in a Live Webchat, held right here. As ever, we won't be thinking up the questions; you will! And you'll be sitting right there as we ask them on your behalf, so you can discuss the answers given with your fellow fans. Cool, or what?

Join us on Sunday the 30th of September around 8:30pm GMT at Warvault's Interview Index and get in on the fun - as ever, please bring your own drinks, snacks, and sacrificial offerings.

Help us spread the word, too! Spam this ad wherever your website wanderings may take you (ask the local law-man first, though).

PS; Just like last time, we will be releasing the details for the next BL author to be interrogated at the end of the interview...


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