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Chapter ix, Exile, a leavetaking with both honour and hope PDF Print
Wednesday, 07 September 2005
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Chapter ix, Exile, a leavetaking with both honour and hope
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Dusk was already lengthening the shadows as Nimine did make her way up the companionway stair. She was not in truth a good sailor and her stomach did still rebel within her at the ceaseless motion under her feet as the ship did heel to the wind. That Ae'thenal did seem to be physically untroubled by this sea voyage was at least a small ease to her spirits; - for Si'anelle did seem to have a greater need of her now that they had all quit Ulthuan. With an outflung hand Nimine did manage not to make her arrival on deck an undignified source of amusement for this vessel's crew; - for she had near lost her balance and fallen headlong on the well smoothed timbers. Bracing her feet she did now look about herself seeking Ae'thenal, and did find her.

As Nimine did hasten towards her fosterdaughter she was in truth afraid, for the sight of Ae'thenal lying motionless in her Autumn coloured gown beside the rail did give her cause to think the worst.

"She's asleep my Lady," one of the crew did call out to her then, the Elven crewman grinning at her concern as he did swarm up into the rigging with an ease that did set Nimine's stomach churning anew. "Came out on deck to watch the sea and settled herself down where she was." His following shrug of unconcern did serve to drive away Nimine's anxiety and now she did find herself smiling with some amusement at being addressed as, 'my Lady'. For dressed as she was in an unfamiliar and well crumpled gown, and pale with illness at the unceasing motion of this vessel she did not consider herself in truth to have the appearance of nobility about her.

Now she did bend to lightly touch her fosterdaughter's golden hair, eased in spirit by the sight of the peaceful expression on her face as she did sleep on the wooden deck as if it was her own bed. And did have cause to wonder as her trembling fingers did now lift up the perfect tearshaped pale gemstone on its silver chain that she had not ever seen about Ae'thenal's neck before this hour.

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