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Chapter ix, Exile, a leavetaking with both honour and hope PDF Print
Wednesday, 07 September 2005
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Chapter ix, Exile, a leavetaking with both honour and hope
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If Prince Tyrion did intend to speak then the sharp movement Si'anelle did make with her hand did serve to still his tongue. Si'anelle may have been but a high born Lady of a minor noble house, but in this moment it was as if she was a queen to command power. Even though her appearance may have been that of an invalid imprisioned within her weakened body, and her expression may have been deeply marked with her despair, the tone of voice Si'anelle now did use was that with which she had made her demand of the Beastmen.

"You do look upon me with distaste my Lord Tyrion as if I was in truth Chaos's creature," she did say. "And you do hold it in your heart to further seek to demean me and my house before the sun does set upon this day. I shall tell you this then my Lord Prince, I am still my people's Lady and my father's daughter. Harm but a single one of these my people and I shall rise to their defense."

"You do threaten me?" was Prince Tyrion's reply as he did near laugh in Si'anelle's face in his disbelief that any a one so eroded by illness and despair could oppose him and his warhost. And beside him his captains did also laugh aloud, even though they had stood on Finuval Plain with each a one of this remnant of Arhaindir Moonhand's people on that dark day.

"Yes my Lord Tyrion," Si'anelle did say in her soft sad voice, "I do threaten you." With a painful slowness she did ease herself the more upright in her chair, her right hand tight upon her friend's hand as she did fight against the fatigue that did grip her. Now she did once more turn her drawn face towards Prince Tyrion as her left hand did fall to cover the Banepearl. "In time both Cedwyn Brighteye and Nimine Starbrow shall tell you how we did defeat the Beastmen but yesterday, and also how the Lady Ae'thenal did fight Dechala servant of Slaanesh and make her flee from her; - but before this is done I do know you do hold another purpose my Lord Tyrion."

Ae'thenal did know Si'anelle did speak with knowledge gifted to her by the Banepearl, and she herself could see the shadow of Prince Tyrion's intent which did lay a chill hand on her heart; - but on hearing Si'anelle's words their Everqueen's champion did now respond by staring openly at her friend with both suprise and disbelief in equal measure upon his handsome features. For a single moment Prince Tyrion's eyes did shift to look directly at her before dismissing her out of hand as having the measure of Dechala in combat. But Nimine was quick to touch her arm in warning before her anger turned to rashness. First taking a pause to scan the faces of the six captains with him and seeing that they also were of the same mind as himself Prince Tyrion did then draw himself up to his full height.

"You do have two male children of tender years and also a she-Elf with child among your household," he did say, and Ae'thenal did note with her anger rising that Tyrion did refuse to speak her friend's name or accknowledge her noble born rank. "These you may not take from Ulthuan into exile."

Elanise must have been close at hand and well within earshot, for now the former member of the Maiden Guard did thrust herself past I'ssina and the banner she did hold.

"And how shall you take me my Lord Tyrion," she did thrust at their Everqueen's champion her voice angry and carrying. "Shall you bear me away gripped in your arms by main force. For I shall not abandon my Lady while I do still draw breath." And here she did of a sudden suprise I'ssina and relieve her of her short sword, her movement quick and sure for all the ungainly bulk of her pregancy. Facing down the expression of fury Prince Tyrion did now openly wear upon his face she did raise the weapon towards him and incline her head saying, "My Lord, you may try for me as you will." And when a one of the war captains did give voice to a harsh oath and took a step towards Elanise full in the intent to rush her; - Elanise did at once reverse the sword and hold its sharp tip in a steady two handed grip beneath her chin.

The moment did hold in a breathless silence until Nimine did quietly say, "And what will your death serve Elanise, save that you shall lay yet one more wound upon your Lady's heart."

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