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Wednesday, 07 September 2005
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Chapter viii, Dechala, servant of Slaanesh
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"Aye Nimine," she did sigh, "This day Si'anelle did hold a hate for Dechala that did outshine my own." Turning her head she did survey the battlefield unable to discover any joy in their victory. Then her eyes did fall upon the Banepearl where it did lie cold and dark amongst the corpses. Breaking away from Nimine's supporting arm she did stagger towards the wicked thing as if her body was not hers to rule, while Nimine did quietly follow after her the war standard of Arhaindir Moonhand resting on her shoulder. Falling to her knees on the trampled ground Ae'thenal took the dark orb up in her hands, and did moan aloud in despair when the Banepearl did not aid her.

"Should you be suprised Ae'theanal?" Nimine did say to her. "The thing is glutted and does have no need of you." Bending she did pick up the piece of sky blue silk from where it lie on the ground and did hold it out to her. "Cover it and put it away foster daughter; then I will bring you to those who do indeed love and cherish you. And will tend you until you do once more regain your strength."

"Foster mother," she did ask then while she did remain on her knees. "Is my love for Si'anelle an unatural urge within me?" There was not another living to whom she would ask such a question and she did hold a most desperate need in her heart to dispell the wicked doubt Dechala had sown within her concerning her love for Si'anelle. Taking a step towards her Nimine did press the piece of blue silk into her hand, her habitual severe expression now softening as she did rest her eyes upon her.

"So that was the nature of the taunt Dechala did employ against you my child," Nimine did sigh as her hand came to rest upon her shoulder. "No Ae'thenal, you are Si'anelle's true and good friend; if I had thought your love unatural I would have spoken to you of it well before this day." As her hand did tenderly stroke her hair Nimine did sigh again, "It is said that Dechala was a princess of our race before she did embrace Slaanesh; - for that reason alone Ae'thenal I would not consider any word of hers to resemble any quality of truth."

With the Banepearl now wrapped in silk in her hand and with Nimine's arm around her to support her they did quit the battlefield together, Nadimar patiently following behind them without need of any word on their part. "The mages of Ulthuan do know that the servants of Chaos did gather here in Avelorn," Ae'thenal did tell her foster mother, speaking to the knowledge that was hers by reason of her enslavement to the Banepearl. "Already an army under Prince Tyrion does assemble and perhaps in a day's time it is likely they shall find us." In truth she did feel afraid, for if she was weak, Si'anelle was the worse. And not either of them was capable of standing against such as Tyrion in the defense of this small remnant of Arhaindir Moonhand's people.

Nimine's expression did become the more severe as she did turn her face towards her, "If your thought does run towards engaging Elf-kind in battle I shall forget your heroic acts this day foster daughter and shall strike you. For the day that you and Si'anelle do ride out to fight Elf-kind you shall ride alone. And you shall find both Cedwyn and I standing among the ranks that do oppose you." Though when her tears did begin to overwhelm her eyelids Nimine did relent in her severity and sigh. Gathering her into her arms as if she was still a child of tender years who had skinned a knee while fighting imaginary foes.

"Peace Ae'thenal," Nimine did quietly say while she did give herself over to open weeping. "For when we do meet with Tyrion there will be no need for both you and Si'anelle to rise to our defense. No doubt we shall be questioned, and we shall tell our tale of today's battle before being permitted to depart to continue our journey into exile."

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