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Wednesday, 07 September 2005
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Chapter viii, Dechala, servant of Slaanesh
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Her hatred for this Chaos spawn almost consumed her, dark flame traced the edge of her sword so that it did seem to be no more than a filament of bright sliver set amidst utter darkness. With her heels she urged Nadimar forward only the Ungor did rush at her at once and drive her back; though they did suffer for the act as she split skulls and slashed away limbs in her retreat. And in all this Dechala did continue to dance for her, mocking her with her openly displayed sensuality and terrible beauty.

By the awakening of a sudden strength within her Ae'thenal did know Si'anelle had at last uncovered the Banepearl. Turning her face towards her friend she did know at once that the hate she did hold towards Dechala was but a shadow when measured against Si'anelle's hatred for the Chaos spawn.

"Kill her for me sweet Ae'thenal," Si'anelle did ask of her as their eyes did meet.

"My Lady Si'anelle," was her reply as she did gift her friend a fierce smile. Tightening her grip upon the war standard in her left hand she did return her gaze to Dechala and did nudge Nadimar towards the Ungor. In that instant Si'anelle raised up the Banepearl and it was as if she did hold aloft a dark cored sun captive in her hands. And Ae'thenal did not fail to see the consuming desire to own the Banepearl naked on Dechala's face as her dance did falter.

Dark flame did again trace the sharp edge of her sword as she did spur Nadimar into a gallop towards the Ungor standing between herself and Dechala. Her joy at exacting a vengence upon this wicked tongued creature who had dared to demean their friendship bright within her. The first Ungor to stand against her lost the hand that gripped his club before he did lose his head. The second she cleaved his head to the chin, before all the rest did scream aloud in a terrible howling chorus as the Banepearl under Si'anelle's hand did ignite their flesh as if it was dry kindling wood.

Now the Banepearl did drink of blood in quantity and it was generous towards her its servant. Like a daughter of the wind she did shriek aloud Isha's name as she did ride hard for Dechala, her blade of dark flame raised to strike, her agony like exquisite fire within her strong and perfect body. Thick muscled Gor did now attempt to block her charge and she hewed them down, Nadimar trampling them underfoot. A heavily armoured Gor armed with an axe disputed with her for several heartbeats until flame did burst from between the joints of his armour and she could ride on. Now the massed ranks of Gor at her right hand were begining to roar and bellow as a hail of arrows, a gift of Cedwyn's archers, fell amongst them. And those at her left were faring worse as Si'anelle did direct the Banepearl against them, her face a mask of implacable hatred.

With the battlefield now the more clear around her Ae'thenal sought out Dechala anew for she had seen the wicked creature withdraw as the Gor had made their attack. Their eyes did meet across an expanse of trampled ground littered with dead Gor, who did lie charred and smouldering in the mud, having failed in their defense of their fell mistress. Now Dechala's six blades were a whining blur of bright steel as she did swing them in her dance, her face cruel and mocking as she did shriek abuse at her. Spurring Nadimar she charged, the Banepearl's power igniting her hatred into white hot rage and when her blade of dark flame did meet Dechala's six blades it was as if the anvil of the gods was struck by a great hammer.

The war standard of Arhaindir Moonhand would have fallen from her grip to land in the mud had not Nimine caught it up in the moment her fingers slackened. With deft hands a one of Nimine's female guard did also relieve her of her sword as it too did begin to slide from her fingers. As she did slowly blink her eyelids Ae'thenal found she could not so much as remember the she-Elf's name, even though she had known her for as long as she had dwelt in Arhaindir Moonhand's household.

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