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Wednesday, 07 September 2005
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Chapter viii, Dechala, servant of Slaanesh
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And as the ranks of the Gor did part Ae'thenal did know that she was openly staring at the creature who did now approach them, her movements sinuous as her thick serpent's body did wind and writhe its way over the ground. That once this Chaos spawn had been a woman was obvious to Ae'thenal's eye, but with her six arms each bearing a sword gripped in her delicate seeming hands, her long and angular cruel features and sharp tooth filled mouth, she did know in truth the reason why her foster mother did become pale on hearing her name. With a calmness she did not question Ae'thenal did now take note of the well wrought armour the creature did wear to protect the more human seeming upper portion of her body and also did take a moment to carefully judge the reach of her six arms and her long sharp swords.

Si'anelle had made no reply, to Ae'thenal it did seem as if she did sit upon Finaith as if she was carved from stone, her eyes cold and filled with hate as she did look upon this Chaos spawn named Dechala. And if Si'anelle did not seem to care that now the Ungor skirmishers were making move to swiftly surround them she had not failed to see their present danger. Unflinching before their jeers Ae'thenal watched the foul man-like things as they leapt and capered while dark fire did run hissing down the blade of her sword. And while the Banepearl did whisper to her of its hunger.

"I greet you sister," Dechala did say to Si'anelle as she did halt but a spear's cast from them, the armoured ranks of thick muscled Gor at either side of her. "For I was once as you are now. Why do you hesitate? - clutching tight to the ashes of your former existance when with one small step you may possess pleasure and delight, power and knowledge beyond measure." And laughing aloud Dechala did begin to sway in sensuous movement, her six arms making her swords describe glittering arcs that stole the eye. Becoming a creature of terrible beauty or so it did seem to Ae'thenal, utterly desireable for all her unhuman form.

"Call upon the name of Slaanesh, Si'anelle my sister," Dechala did whisper to her as she swayed in her dance for the pleasure of her god.

"In Isha's name I shall not Chaos spawn," was her friend's hissed reply as she did finally break her silence, her agony making her eyes fever bright as the Banepearl punished her. Without pausing in her dance Dechala did laugh aloud. "Ah, soon my sister you will lust for that pain. Utterly desiring its delicate searchings of your flesh, for pain and pleasure are two close lying bedfellows than can be exquiste to such as you and I." She laughed again her deep blue eyes mocking Si'anelle, "For are you not a one, my sister, who does refuse the attentions of the males of your race, prefering instead the companionship of your sweet Ae'thenal?"

And here Dechala did for the first time seek her out with her dark blue eyes, and Ae'thenal did see at once that Dechala did now dance for her. Her every movement of her body an immodest invitation as her six swords did glitter and flash in the sunlight.

"At present Ae'thenal you do both amuse and divert Slaanesh," Dechala did say to her. "Slaanesh does hold a fascination towards human companionship, and your strong and tender friendship one for the other is greatly diverting to my master." She laughed again, "For the sake of love and a pretty oath Ae'thenal you would go to the end of the World with your Si'anelle; such a rare folly as this does bring delight to Slaanesh. If you would call upon his name sweet Ae'thenal he would be indeed be generous towards you."

"By Isha you are a wicked creature," Ae'thenal did say to her, and then was forced to bare her teeth against the pain in her limbs as if razors were at work in her flesh. Before this she had not known hatred towards another, but in this hour she had learned the art of it.

"And you Ae'thenal are a fool," Dechala did reply as she did display her sharp teeth. "For you do believe that there shall be a day when the Banepearl does not possess you." Mocking her Dechala did now slide her long serpent's tongue out from between her teeth while she did continue to dance. "Do you perhaps at times seek solace with your Si'anelle; - seeking a more intimate joy than mere sterile friendship when you both do lie close together beneath a blanket's covering at night? Speak my master's name sweet Ae'thenal and I shall teach you how to more perfectly please your Si'anelle."

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