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Wednesday, 07 September 2005
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Chapter viii, Dechala, servant of Slaanesh
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The place that had been chosen was open and wide and beyond the shade of the ancient trees of the forest of Avelorn. With the war standard of Arhaindir Moonhand held aloft in her left hand Ae'thenal did look over the host of Gor and Ungor drawn up before them, the massed Beastmen grunting and roaring and clashing their weapons upon their shields in the moment when they did sight them. "A goodly number Ae'thenal," Si'anelle did say softly to her as Cedwyn did swiftly set about ordering his archers into a double rank at their right hand. Though it did seem to Ae'thenal that her friend's expression was now the more tight and cruel on seeing these Beastmen for all her softly spoken words.

"They are many Si'anelle," was her reply. "They do outnumber us by four to one at least."

"Are you afraid Ae'thenal?" Her friend's eyes were now on her weighing her in a fashion she had not seen Si'anelle do before this.

"Before Isha I am not Si'anelle," was her hot spoken reply as she did draw her sword, the pain of her punishment alive in her nerves. "To be afraid is a condition I did leave behind me in another country." And the look she did exchange with Si'anelle was just as coolly measuring as her friend's had been.

"Glory in this Ae'thenal," Si'anelle did laugh then, a bitter laugh. "For after this we shall again dwell in the wastelands of despair until the Banepearl does hunger anew." Turning in her saddle her friend now did carefully study the way her small army was deployed before she did give a sharp nod of satisfaction.

"They will not fail us Si'anelle," Ae'thenal did say, speaking aloud a certain knowledge within her that could only be a gift of the Banepearl's power.

"Indeed they shall not," was her friend's reply as she did return her gaze to her. "Now ride with me my sweet Ae'thenal; and with your sword naked and ready in your hand, for it does begin."

And as they did begin their ride to approach the Gor and Ungor at no more than a slow walk Ae'thenal did almost surrender to a fierce and sudden urge to cast down the war standard in her left hand so that she might grip her sword the better two handed, or else lay claim to her spear. Only she did not. For to do so would crush their small army's resolve to face this fell host and cause them to believe that she and Si'anelle were indeed the servants of Chaos. So for that reason alone she did suffer to continue to hold this standard with its device of the moon amidst seven stars aloft even though she could predict it would no doubt prove to be a useless burden in her hand when the killing did begin.

Si'anelle did not pause when she drew near to the Beastmen, but did continue her approach as if they did not exist. The massed band of Ungor skirmishers before the main war host falling silent, their taunts and noise dying away as slowly they did give ground. The hatred and threat inherent in her friend's cruel shaped features and cold eyes the goad that did give them cause to fear her. With her sword gripped in her right hand Ae'thenal maintained her position beside her friend and it did also seem that all she did have to do was cast her own eyes over these Ungor to make them fall back before her. Until finally they did cease to give ground before them and did begin a second time to clash their shields with their weapons to display their defiance.

"Where is she who does lead you?" Si'anelle did demand of the Ungor then, the sky blue silk masking the Banepearl a covering over her hands, her voice cutting through the unruly noise as if it was no more than the grass rustling beneath the breeze. Before her unflinching gaze the massed Ungor became restless as fear did yet again begin to claim them and their weapons ceased to pound upon their shields. Perhaps they may have even broken and fled if it had not been for a silken voice that did make an answer to her friend's question.

"Well met sister, it is I who do lead these Beastmen to give you greeting."

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