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Tuesday, 17 July 2007
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The Massacre of Mousillon
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A story from the War of the Five Realms game describing the takeover of Mousillon the Black Ark


Boris was tired, he had been one of the men assigned to guard the wood bridge that led to one of the Black Ark's entrance.

He looked up at it, not understanding why. For days he had searched the tall spires, the treathening shapes and shadows on the Ark above, and yet he had seen no signs of life. Until today that was.

From inside the Ark a loud creaking and groaning could be heard, and then, the huge black doors which they had guarded for days opened, revealing only darkness and emptiness as a lone tall, fair person walked out.

Boris didnt need to be a scholar to know it wasnt a human, he could see it from the almost feline movements the elf made while walking, the fey like face, and a horrible darkness looming around him.

Boris was so awestruck that he didnt even notice when the elf said something.

As if awoken from a dream, he shook his head and listened to the elf repeating his words:

"I said, to call the authority in this town now."

No agressive tone was used, but none was needed, the mere presence commanding anyone to obey as Boris hurried to the keep, to call King Jean.

In a couple of minutes Jean was there, magnificent as ever in his armor, and wearing an expression which counceiled the stress he had been under the past weeks.

"I was told you wished to talk to me, elf." He said, in a tone none too friendly, and putting more pressure on the word "elf"

"Indeed, Human King, I did" the elf replied, in a tone akin to Jean's, but more sarcastic and putting equal pressure on the word "human".

" We have been docked here for days, and still no slaves have been brought to us."

Jean's brow furrowed, as if he had been expecting it.

"You have not forgotten our agreement, have you?"

The elf continued, clearly switching to a threatening tone in the end of the sentence.

"No, I have not".

"Then we require your reply, will you send us your slaves or not?"

The elf said with a quickly rising tone of voice and Boris stepped back, fearing the situation was getting out of control.

Jean completely halted, his face showing nothing, and for a moment he seemed like something else. Not a soldier, not a king, not a vampire like some folks said, he was just a human being. Quick as the feeling had come it vanished as Jean turned around, as if to give orders to the men.

"Here is MY REPLY!"

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