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Thursday, 07 June 2007

This article deals with the History of Montfort in the War of the Five Realms.


This is the story of a man that united peasants into a realm, conquering more for the good of his people and was then slain cowardly by his friend. Written by his old friend Simon de Poussenc.

It was a dark time in the lands of Montfort and Bretonnia. The fair land of Montfort was overrun by the Empire in the times of Louen Leoncours death. Oh, I curse the day were we thought that they were our friends. They marched into Montfort and Poussenc, taking our wife's and homes, burning and looting with no days end. Oh, yes it looked like Montfort would be no more in the near future. That only a pile of rubble would remained others of this once fair city. We praid to the lady to bring us a hero. A man that would destroy the imperial presence and bringing hope to us again. Day and night we praid, hoped and finally in the days all seemed lost a man arose from the rubble of our fair city of Montfort that would save us from our doom. His name was Chris. With soldiers of the Empire still in our city he called us to arms. Not many thought that we would achieve something and that the death would take us be it by and imperial or the gallow. With nothing to loose we took our arms. With pitchforks, bows and axes we drove the oppressors out of our city before they realized, many of them drunk and unaware of what happened. Montfort was saved and we praised Chris, henceforth called Chris of Montfort. He was our savior and we would follow him to the end of the world if we had to.

With Montfort safe we could again enjoy our freedom, under a new ruler and laws. However, from our neighbor Poussenc cries for help were heard. They too were under Imperial rule. Chris of Montfort did not hesitate and marched out the city, asking us all to follow him to battle. It was not an order and many were not sure if to go because it could be certain death. But as Chris got on his horse and rode out the castle we had to follow him. It was me and some other richer town members who joined first. We would follow him into death even if we stand alone. 'Was he not our savior, was he not the one that lead us to victory in the rebellion against the imperials?' I don't know our numbers but we must have been around 20. 20 horsemen, well armed and strong in faith. We were Montforts first knights. Then, one after the other followed our march out of the city and it seemed as if the whole of Montfort would join our crusade of freedom. As we marched singing songs of freedom we came nearer to Poussenc and the smoke above the city was seen from afar. Our advance on the city was not unnoticed however. The Imperials rode out of the city to confront us and so a good trained and well equipped army confronted our mob. As the Imperials charged, hoping that our moral would break we relaised what an army we faced. Knights in platearmor, handgunners and well trained swordsman. Many thought of fleeing but the sight of Chris on his horse in the first row gave us confidence. We charged forwards much to the surprise of the imperial soldiers which halted promptly when they saw us coming. It came to a bloody combat and many of our comrade fell once the imperials had reorganized themselves. Our advantage in numbers fell rapidly, peasant cut down after peasant on, but nobody fled from the field. Even if we would all die, it would be nothing against the oppression we had before. It looked very much as if our fight for freedom would end here and now. All what we had done to earn our freedom was in vain. But hear, disorder erupted in the ranks of the imperials. They first lines fought further but me and the first knights of Montfort who charged deep into the enemy saw what happened. It was Poussence that came to our aid. They charged out of there city attacking the unaware imperials from behind. The imperials were closed in form all sides and fought for there lives. We did not show mercy because they had shown none before.

All could have ended here. No more bloodsheed and slaughter. But as the last imperials lay dead on the field a horn was heard. Knights of the Empire had arrived. They charged from the hill that overlooked the battlefield and fear stroke us. The thunder of hooves and the sight of 100 and more knights charging down were terrifying. The hope of victory was gone. We were no more brave and fearless peasants and merchants but a shivering wreck. No one moved and even the lines that would be smashed by the imperial charge did not run away. I can not explain why, maybe they were to fascinated by the sight and a the same time to frightened to run and admit defeat. But then a shout was heard. I remember myself of the words as if it was yesterday 'Get into ranks brave men of Montfort. Pitchfork in front, bows behind. Wait on my signal. Knights come with me.' Chris led his companie to the left flank.

He faced the imperials which now were getting closer and closer. He trusted his sword in the air and let it fall. Hundreds of arrows filled the air and landed on the knights, striking own one by one. After three volleys nearly nothing remained of the imperial cavalry. Chris charge as did we, his companions. We met the last knights just before our front line and hit them in the flank. We fought like lions and killed all but one. We left him alive and gave him a message for his Emperor. 'My his royal Emperor never desire Bretonnian land again or we, the people of Bretonnia will send him a caravan of imperial corpses next time'

After the battle much had to be done. Poussenc agreed to join Montfort under the rule of Chris of Montfort and the new realm was set up. Chris reorganized the army, rebuilding the city and starting diplomatic relationships with our neighbors. There was enough killing he thought and his ambassador went to the southern and other states, yes even to the Empire to dicusse Trade and non-aggression treaties. Yes, one could say that it was a good time for Montfort would it not be for one thing. Although Chris had put down a possible treat from the Empire, the other rulers did not thank him. No, on the coterie; they laughed about our fight for freedom making jokes about us and Chris. The ruthless one of these 'Kings' was the ruler of our neighbor 'Bastonne'. Chris was rather amused by this fact that no one toke Montfort serious but after months of arrogance of the other realms he thought it was enough. He made a plan to show them that Montfort was not some little peasant state but a force to be reckoned with. Our Armies marched into Bastonne. We lay siege to 'Castle Bastonne' and fought in Tharravil were Sir Vaylen was killed. It was with Chris of Montfort genius of stratagem that the day was won. Although I was frightened that the Western Realms would do something against our conquest they seemed to be rather quiet. They and the other realms were put into discussions by our noble diplomat in the 'humble chapel'. He, and Chris made this plan and it seemed to be very effective. Instead of taking actions against our conquests they were fed with wrong information of a Bastonnian raid that happened in a small border town in Montfort. Our diplomat succeeded in keeping the talking going and no action was made against us. Chris had proven himself again, not only on the field of battle but also in politics.

Then, a shout of unity was heard coming from Western realm, of its ruler Jean Marcel. I and all of Bretonnia curse the day that Chris became blinded by the possibility of a peaceful Bretonnain and did not see that the Ruler of the west was planning evil. So it came to the day were we hoped that all bloodshed would end but we realised that it just began. But Montfort was not the only one that was betrayed. No, the north, under the rule of fair and wise Sir Mattrim, was also to happy to create a unified Britannia. All three rulers, Jean Marcel of the West, Sir Mattrim of the north and Chris of Montfort met at Yremy. Not much is known what happened in the rooms of the fort, but after several hours, Jean stormed out of the castle screaming that our noble ruler, Chris had betrayed us and killed Mattrim. As all the other soldiers stormed into the castle we, the soldiers of Montfort knew not who to react. We did not believe that that our ruler would do something that evil but eventually rushed up to the castle to come to his aid. We knew it was to late but the northern and western soldiers would pay for his death. The battle lasted for a whole night a day and eventually, there were only a couple of soldiers left from each side left standing and we stopped the killing. We marched back to Montfort not sure what would await us there but when we saw imperial flags on our cities all hope vanished for ever. Now, we are again under the oppression of uncivilised imperial soldiers and the cry for a new leader is again heard everywhere.

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