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Monday, 14 May 2007
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The Tale of Derrevin Libre
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My fellow readers, this story I have written speaks from the Game of War of the Five Realms, found in the RPG section of the forum. Regardless if you know the story or not, it should all be pretty easy to understand that Bretonnia is at civil war between many realms, broken as to who is to claim the throne while one Blood Dragon Lord has seemed to rise up and created a Kingdom of his own... 

The Tale of Derrevin Libre

The sky was dark, cloudy, but it seemed to always be this way since the Western nation's iron fist fell upon the world. Just north of the lands, where good was prevailing, the foolish lords were struck down by the knives of evil. The Western nation surged forward from the deep and cast a shadow upon other surrounding realms, specifically the Eastern realm, who denied Jean Marcel, the Ruler of the West, his kingship.

The Eastern realm of Bretonnia was home to the only true nobles left. The finest riders which lined up score after score readying for a magnificent charge. Brave, aye, which they were. Their lances sharpened to a point of which no living man could survive. Their lord and ruler: Rylan Bettidge the Courageous, was the only man left standing up against the West, shouting out for support, and only finding death. His blade had cut through the traitors which seized his lands countless times. Elves that betrayed his allegiance leaped into battle, their elven-craft blades, sinking deep into the chests of the unsuspecting riders of Bretonnia. The corrupted Gui de Grandison followed his allies- the Elves of Athel Loren- into battle, the Southern realm, the realm of which Gui commanded, burning that which lay in its path, taking the lands of the East.

Rylan prepared the defenses of all his other provinces to the maximum. Men attended the walls, took to the fields, and readied for the enemies' attacks. Deep in the realm, on the front lines of battle, the cursed land of Derrevin Libre, home to the Forest of Chalôns, prepared the defenses against the evil surrounding it. It was the largest lot of land in Bettidge's possession and also the most prized by greedy eyes. Some backed out, the thousands and thousands of the population migrating north to get away from the evil that was around them, many, though... stayed.

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