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Sunday, 06 May 2007

WARNING - story not for the faint of heart (a bit gory)

Just a story based on Marienburg, always wanted to do one and after some spare time finally got around to do it, this is the first part, a bit confusing, but will become when you read some more, promise ;)


The pain was everywhere, as was the smell of gunpowder, and just before Maya fell to the ground she saw Rickard being shredded by the razor sharp fragments from the wall. She fell with a distinct resemblance to a sack of potatoes, a detail which saved her life as a hail of shots trespassed the whole hovel, and painted the remaining walls red with Marvin's blood, who had been sitting against the wall, trying to remove a wooden shred jagged in his shoulder. Maya could taste his blood in her mouth, and with a cry of rage rose in the direction of what had once been a table and amidst its remains she found her gun.

The unknown enemy had finally stopped shooting, with the remaining four of them looking trough the missing wall and the several other holes of the hovel to try and catch a glimpse of whatever hit them from the forest. Clark quickly rose as the leader he was, and his words came swiftly "EVERYONE GET OUT! GET OUT NO-..." but were unfinished as a bullet hit his throat and he fell to the ground, gurgling and choking on his own blood, trying to stop it with his own hands, action which only succeeded for a few seconds as several men appeared from the borders of the forest, releasing a new hail of shots, and his chest exploded with the violence of a barrel of gunpowder.

She was a veteran mercenary, but whenever she saw someone die, it made her remember how when she was little they had heard the great stories of heroes, of glory and happy endings, the deaths were short of any violence, if there were any deaths at all, which had only made it worse when she first saw someone die, but deep inside, just as any animal was aware of death without witnessing it, she had always known that there was something missing in the stories. The three of them had witnessed the death of their captain, and had remained hidden, beneath or behind the debris of the hovel, and as the footsteps of the soldiers approached she lifted her head just a little to catch sight of them, but her blond hair gave her away as several bullets went overhead with the soldiers screaming sentences with an accent she didn't bother to identify, and as the sentences weren't "Surrender now and you will live!" she didn't give them much bother either. Her gun roared as the double barrel spurt flames, and one of the soldiers took a blast in his eye, his skull exploding and his body falling lifeless to the ground. The other men took some shots at her, and she flinched when a bullet scratched her arm, her arm wasn't bleeding much, and so she devoted her energy to grabbing a half of a table on the floor and lifting it in front of her, it didn't help that much since bullets still went through the table with ease, but at least it wasn't a clear target.

Maya heard gunshots from her companions, and after a quick reload of her gun she kicked the table down and pointed her gun, only to find that the soldiers were hardly ten feet away, she only had time to fire one straight shot at a man's chest as another lunged for her. Her duck was just in time as a blade slashed above her, and with the precision and training she had always had, she took out the knife in her boot with her spare hand and with just a quick step left his throat no longer served its function as her knife passed through it as easily as a leaf fell trough air. His blood hadn't even reached the ground when her eye caught her two companions jumping over the debris to fight hand to hand. Maria, with her indistinguishable guns shot a soldier in the leg and kicked him to the side while shooting another in the in the side of his head. And Lorenz allowed several soldiers to make acquaintances with his saber. She saw him slash across a man's abdomen whose guts fell to the ground, he proceeded to dodge another man's gunshot and swiftly separated his arm from the rest of the body. They fought, outnumbered at least ten to one they fought, and for a moment, it seemed as they had a chance, and Maya felt a glimmer of hope, which, like all good things in this world, did not last.

Maria's ammo finished, but by no means was she less deadly, she used the handle of her gun to smash a soldier's head inwards, and kicked another in the crotch before drawing her dagger and burying it in his spine, but that left her open, and a shot caught her in the shoulder, making her stumble backwards while still holding out the knife, a soldier jumped out and nearly cut her arm off at the elbow, making for a gory scene, her knees bended and she fell in her back as blood pumped through the half stump of her arm, and agony that lasted until a soldier stepped onto her and fired a shot directly into her mouth, the contents of her brain exploding trough the back of her head.

Lorenz stabbed a man straight through the chest with his saber, and with no time to take it out ducked a soldier's slash which ended up finishing his comrade, Lorenz grabbed his dagger and quickly turned around and plunged it into the man's heart, twisting the knife and pulling it out with a shower of blood bursting a fraction of second later, but he wasn't here to study anatomy, so he quickly moved on, to strike against a soldier with intentions of shooting at Maya. He stabbed into the man's kidney, and quickly unsheathing the soldier's swords he slashed around without even taking the knife out, burying the sword in a man's face. For a moment Lorenz was static, it was enough for them. The soldier's jumped onto him, stabbing, firing and slashing, until in all but a few seconds Lorenz had swords and daggers buried deep in his body, he released the dagger and sword, stumbling forward, and suffered from the men's mercy as he was swiftly beheaded. Maya dodged a man's slash and stabbed him with her knife, no longer worrying if she hit any vital points or not, she hit a man in his head with the gun's handle and with his own sword trespassed him.

Despair had taken over her as she slashed left and right, kicking and lunging at anything that moved, then suddenly, as thunder it came, *BANG*. She did not realize she had been hit until the second time the sound came *BAM*. She stopped, and looked down, in her chest were two big red holes, and slowly blood began dropping from it, Maya looked up in time to see a soldier's rifle fire, in time to see the gunpowder lighting and the bullet jumping from the barrel and lighting speed *BAM*. She stumbled, and fell to her knees, with no strength to get up. The soldiers around her only stared at her and as they stepped forward into a line to reload their guns she heard a voice calling in the distance, "HONEY", it was her own voice. Maya lifted her head to see her daughter running through the grass, with the bright blue dress she had picked for her before the day she left. She whispered her name "Lana" as one of the men in front of her clumsily dropped a bullet to the ground and bended to pick it up. "Yes mother?" her daughter asked as she lifted herself up the rocking chair and sat on Maya's lap, though it wasn't her, it was a memory. "Well, its nearly time for your eight birthday, don't you think you ought to tell me what you would like as a gift?" she asked tenderly. Her daughter paused a few moments to think, while at the same time a man who was clearly an officer stepped up to the side of the line to give the command. "I wish you would stay with me instead of going to Marienburg" Lana said in her soft voice "Would you now?" Maya asked with a raised eyebrow "I would guess girls your age would much rather have a wooden horse or a new toy box? And if I go and work there I'll be able to buy you these things, and it will be just a few weeks" Lana's smile disappeared under a sad porcelain face "Promise?" she asked, to which Maya sighed, and as always answered "Promise." She said smiling her special smile. "Now go and play with your cousins" Maya said, and Lana smiling, jumped from her lap, running through the room until disappearing trough the soldiers in front of her. Maya lifted her head, her room in Nuln slowly disappearing into the dark forest.

How had this happened, she asked herself, "How did things come to this?" was the last thought her mind as the riflemen lifted their barrels and pointed at her.

She closed her eyes.

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