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Wednesday, 07 September 2005
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Chapter vi, We shall quit Ulthuan
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"It is done for the sake of those would not abandon you Si'anelle," Ae'thenal did sigh as she did accknowledge the truth of it. "For ourselves it is easy to taste the word exile and not gag. Whereas for your retinue they do still hold to hope in their love and loyalty." "And do you hope Ae'thenal?" her friend did ask of her then as she did turn her head a little in her direction. "For I do not."

"I do no longer know Si'anelle," she did reply for she would not permit herself to shelter in a lie. "However know that I shall not ever abandon you while I do live."

"Sweet and foolish Ae'thenal," said Si'anelle and then she did laugh without humour, the sound despairing and terrible as they did make their way beneath the ancient trees of the Forest of Avelorn.

When Nimine Starbrow had led them out from the white pavilion that had been their Everqueen's the sight that did greet them had caused Si'anelle to weep. While Ae'thenal did wonder at what would be the final quantity of tears they would shed before death did close their eyes, she did look upon Si'anelle's silent retinue gathered in their ranks, beneath their proud banners that had been old even before the year of her own birth. 'So few,' she did tell herself, sensing the shadows of decline and the ultimate fading of Elvenkind from the World. If she did count Cedwyn but twenty archers stood beneath their banner; and of her foster mother's female guard gathered about their standard bearer there were but ten if she did count in Nimine. Upon the laden baggage wagon there did sit two male children of tender years supervised by Elanise who was with child. The first she-Elf to be with child within the household of Arhaindir Moonhand since the days of the Great Chaos Incursion, for the two children sitting silent and wide eyed beside her were but fosterlings without other kindred, their parents dead at fell hands these past four years.

Near blind with her tears Si'anelle had gone to her people, each a one of them taking her hands in their own in their turn and speaking kindly to her. Demonstrating by these small acts that they did still know her as Si'anelle their Lady, which Ae'thenal did know with regret in her heart, would only serve to deepen the wound her friend did carry within her. When all had given their greeting to Si'anelle and while her friend did now stand amongst her people as if she did in truth believe herself to be utterly alone, Elanise did call out to her by her name and title. Made ungainly by her pregnancy she did kneel within the baggage wagon and offer both her hands to Si'anelle. And Si'anelle did go to her, raising up her hands to Elanise when she came to stand beside the baggage wagon, but hesitating before their fingers did touch.

"You are my Lady, Si'anelle daughter of Arhaindir Moonhand," Elanise did say to her not disguising her impatience in any measure. For she was one of Nimine Starbrow's female guard and had fought the Chaos hordes on Finuval Plain when she was younger. "And you will also be the Lady of my babe; if I did possess any apprehension I would have departed yesterday evening with the Evercourt." Now she did reach out a little more and claim Si'anelle's hands in her own and say, "My Lady."

The shriek of utter despair Si'anelle did loose then caused all about her to stand as if transfixed, but moving quickly Nimine did hasten to gather her Lady into her arms and guide her towards her own pavilion that had not yet been struck. Nimine's female guard falling in with her and even Elanise calling for aid to be helped down from the baggage wagon and going into the pavilion to care for Si'anelle.

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