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Monday, 30 April 2007
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The Chronicle of Sir Beoveld - Part One - Exile
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We have heard of the glory in the bygone days

Of the great lords of the lance-Knights,

How those noble lords did lofty deeds.

How oft did the great Companions, warriors of virtue

True and tested bearing their colours

Resplendent, ride forth in defense of

Their lordly king?



Now ride the noble Paladins,

Champions of the Lady and defenders

Of her realm. Chief among them was

Beowulf ' the Guardian of the North!

Who rode on the fields of Middenheim

Against the Everchosen; Who led

The Errants across the steppe to the

Lands of the Enemy. By the Lady

He was gifted for his valiant efforts,

And as a living saint did he appear

To his enemies. With gilded lances and

His sword sheathed in glowing frost,

Beowulf and his knights carved out

A domain among the Wastes.

From this bulwark of light amid the

Darkness, the White Knight set

Upon the soldiers of evil fleeing once

More into the North. It was in this

Northern land that to Beowulf was

Born a son, both strong and fair.

Raised and tempered in the constant

Warfare of the Northern Wastes,

Beoveld son of Beowulf soon was made

A mighty warrior.

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