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Thursday, 09 November 2006

Leonard The Fox

Number 1,Lustria


Leonard drew back from the side of the deck, a wonderful shade of green. Just having been sent on the quest for the holy grail, something the young knight was dreading, he had been sent to Lustria to start a great crusade, as was family tradition. Leonard, unlike his past ancestors, however, did not relish combat, he avoided it at all costs. Leonard was a coward. Despite this he had high status due to his sister's ability to lie and his father's proud boasting, so avoiding hard work and combat had become impossible.


Leonard looked over to see his sister Emmeline smirking at him over her, now very sea washed, tapestry. He grimaced and his head disappeared over the side of the deck once more. Two peasant villeins strode up to him “ ‘E nor copin’ with ‘e’ shipes eh marstar?” Said one villein, Leonard instantly recognising them as Old Bertholt (or Holt as he was known) and Harkat his younger friend. At their heels was a yapping dog who’s name was Keg.

Keg ran to Leonard’s feet and started yapping incessantly.  Not in the mood for this, and in seasickness-induced anger, he kicked at the dog, who barked happily and leapt out of the way. Leonard cursed and sat on the deck. “What do you two want, as if this confounded boat wasn’t bad enough,” the two villeins laughed as they were two of the only people who knew the truth behind Leonard’s amazing and heroic feats. They sat next to the ill knight. “Looking forward to the jungle mate?” Harkat asked, Leonard shook his head and pointed at the horizon where the coast of Lustria was within sight. Harkat went pale but he, Holt and Keg had to move as Leonard’s cousin Brandon strode over “ Fine day eh Leonard?” he boomed and patted Leonard quite violently on the back sending a fresh wave of vomit into the sea. “Apparently not dear cousin, the hero of Dijonere cannot take the sea breeze?” Brandon laughed deafeningly and strode off in his usual fashion, his large muscled frame rippling as he moved off to shout at some of the deckhands.

The Bretonnian landing ship docked gracefully on the bay of Lustria, a slight bump the only warning of arrival, sending Leonard sprawling. Emmeline giggled and helped him up "you think this is going to be easy?" Leonard got up hastily and brushed himself down "well no I have heard of the dangers, but I am NOT crossing Sylvania or the Chaos Wastes, I'd rather face carnivorous plants” he said, he looked over at old Holt and smiled "good to be back?" he said to the old man, who sorted his helmet and twanged his bow nervously. 

"Didn't tink oid see et again maister Leo, I really didn't" he sighed. "Be glad oim doin' thes fer you, I 'ated this gawdforsaken place." Leonard began to have doubts about this choice of route, but he leapt off the boat, his sword burying itself in the sand. He yanked at it, but it refused to budge. Holt, Keg and Harkat looked on intrigued, but Emmeline stopped the embarrassing moment and disembarked the crew.  With one kick of the wedged sword, Leonard looked at his men. "Come on then" he said wearily to his men and they all tramped off into the jungle, old Holt looking warily about him, Emmeline sniffing a particularly "pretty" plant she had picked up, and Leonard cursing his stupid sword and looking at his alternative, a small dirk with a diamond pommel.

The expedition stopped suddenly not half a mile into the forest.  “Anyone know what bearing we take from here? As that colourful plant looks very familiar” Leonard said, he looked around when he got no answer to see everyone in the force shifting their feet and mumbling. Leonard rolled his eyes “set up camp someone before we think a bit TOO much ok? ” All the peasants began to unpack the supplies and camping equipment. Brandon marched over to Leonard “dear cousin do you not have the feeling we’re being followed,” he looked around them “the distinct lack of enemies is also starting to worry me ” Leonard nodded and signalled for Emmeline to come over. He whispered to her and she nodded, raising her arms she yelled “Friends of the trees reveal to me our pursuers! ” Vines erupted from the ground scattering the hiding group of now revealed skinks…


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