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Monday, 18 September 2006

I would just like to state tha this is a mixed story of Dark Elves Bretonnians and Wood Elves (with a little bit of the southern armies of Men like Estalia added in)

This, being the prologue, will not seem too on topic to a Bretonnian tale of Jean Marcel, but mind you... this is not just about him but he does have a role to play.


Betrayal and War- Prologue

Epic tales, thousands of years old, have passed, telling of the deception and ongoing wars of Chaos, the Dark Elves of Naggaroth, and the mighty race of High Elves whom rule Ulthuan.

Yet, to the known world, there are hidden and secret tales of raids that passed into time and were forgotten. The unbreakable leader of the Dark Elves, Malekith the Witch King, had his attention fixated upon Ulthuan and his revenge and attempts to take back the Phoenix Throne for hundreds of years.

Ever since his failure to become King, and his denial by the Elves of Ulthuan for his taking of the throne, his bitter attitude led him to a slight hatred of the Elves. The next King rose to the throne thereafter. Malekith blamed him for being a follower of Chaos and assassinated him secretly, it was said to be done by a poison that was purely undetectable.

The rightful ruler of the Phoenix Throne and Ulthuan must pass through the Flames of Asuryan unwounded. His horrible nature and corrupt thoughts denied him of this and he was horribly scarred forever. He then attempted to start a civil war against the High Elves but was ultimately exiled from Ulthuan.

Taking his traitorous followers to Naggaroth, a new continent, he then swore his revenge on his hated High Elves for denying him his power as he was son of the former Phoenix King. Thus, he crowned himself the Witch King of Naggaroth and would then lead wars upon Ulthuan for thousands of years to come.

Within the tales of these wars, Malekith's desire to be the one dominant Elven race, united on one front under his evil control, overcame him time and time again. The times of which the Old World was still being settled was ended and the High Elves called back their brethren to fight against Malekith and his legions. Secretly unknown to the outside world and only by Malekith, his greedy ambitions led many raids upon the Old World before the dawn of man.

These raids pushed onto the coasts and their corrupt minds did march onto Athel Loren, desired to end the race of the oncoming Wood Elves. Vicious wars were led by each side as Athel Loren defended itself. These times were called by the Elves "The Dark Crusades".

Thousands of elves gave their lives in the defense of Athel Loren, but Malekith could only spare so many if he was to lead his armies onto the High Elf soil. Eventually he was repelled at the sight of the Bretonni tribes emerging from the East. Not a single Elf from Naggaroth was left to tell the tail as they were eventually hunted down before escaping on their ships. Light grudges were formed between the nations of Wood Elves and Dark Elves.

Malekith saw this as a surprise, his defeat was not expected. He would make sure that one day he would bring the Elven races to their knees before him and the Wood Elves would be no exception.

Thousands of years since this time, the Wood Elves of Athel Loren have long awaited the return of their enemies. The Bretonnians were the only thing between them and the Dark Elves from another assault. Upon the year 1545 (Bretonnian Calendar) large Black ships were seen traveling South, around Ulthuan. Malekith's desires had been renewed and a new army marched towards the Old World again.

And now begins what is known as the Cold War of the Old World. The armies from the Land of the Chill pushed towards Athel Loren slowly. They would push through Bretonnia first, though.


The large black ships turned and fired upon the Estalian coast, wreaking havoc upon the ports, eventually docking on the beaches of the Old World once again. The many elves marched out of the ships in their formations and lined up in a direct line, their weapons held close to their chests. The cold-hearted general emerged from his ship upon his magnificent Cold One.

Raising his lance for his army to see, the Dark Elves gave a shrieking cry of evil for Estalia to here as Mourn, their general, marched his armies towards the cities before him as men grabbed their weapons while the women and children fled. Their defense would not hold against the inevitable.

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