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Wednesday, 08 June 2005
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Chapter iv, The Gift Freely Given
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As Ae'thenal did cling to her unconcious friend, Si'anelle's wasted limbs an all too perfect match for her own, Naideth Morningstar's shadow did fall across them. "The evil thing does possess them Lady of Avelorn, it would be a kind act to end their lives. For to permit them to live would be to perpetuate the foul mockery that has been made of their love for you."

"Save for a factor that I do not possess the power to alter Naideth Morningstar I would in regret gift such a release," was Alarielle's reply as now her tears did spill freely down her beautiful face. "The Banepearl was not given into my hand by the Noble Lady Si'anelle who alone does possess the power of its giving. And when the Banepearl did seek me out in the aftermath of its evil magic being unlocked; - knowing me to be the one named to receive it the Lady Ae'thenal did intevene and take it into her hands."

"Therefore the Banepearl must now again be offered for its powerful and evil magic to be made effective against me." And here Alarielle's right hand did tighten the grip she did have upon the Stave of Avelorn, "So long as the Noble Lady Si'anelle does live I shall be safe Naideth Morningstar, for the knowledge is certain within me that the Noble Lady will not make her gift offering to me a second time in her joy and love."

"And the Lady Ae'thenal My Lady?" asked Naideth then.

"The Lady Ae'thenal has sworn before Isha to ward her friend's life forever Naideth Morningstar," Alarielle did reply. And now her gaze did harden as she did look upon her maiden champion. "As you did yourself discover when I did most cruelly put the Lady Ae'thenal's oath to the test."

Any protest Ae'thenal might have found the strength to make did die on her tongue as now Alarielle, Everqueen of Avelorn did turn her gaze upon her silent and shaken Evercourt. "This has been a fell and wicked day to befall Avelorn," she did cry aloud. "By the intriguing of a lady of my Evercourt against the Noble Lady Si'anelle, in the hope that she would meet her death or be maimed within the forest of Avelorn, a great evil has been brought out into the World. And love and a true desire to serve me did prove in the end to be a poor defense against this poison. Be warned my people, so long as one Kindred does seek its advance over another in the attempt to seek of my favour, so shall the ashes of our downfall be within us. Our numbers have become the less as the years increase, we are beset by enemies from beyond our shores, and our doom will be to go down into the dust forever and be no more if we are ever divided among ourselves." Gasping in her weakness Ae'thenal did weep, for she did know in her heart that the Elf Kindred of Ulthuan would not take of this warning. For the High Elven race were too old and proud a people to become other than they were. Too quick and passionate in their anger, and too slow to give of their forgiveness once an offense had been made. As she did cling to Si'anelle weeping, the Banepearl a chill shape against her fever hot skin, a seductive desire to sleep did begin to steal over her despite her distress and her tears. Barely did she hear her Everqueen as she did give her final command with an urgency that would have disturbed her if she did still possess her wits.

"Go now all of you and tell those of your kindred what has passed here. Then strike your pavilions and gather your possessions; - for the Evercourt may not remain in this place and we must take our leave before the sun does set on this fell day."

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