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Thursday, 31 August 2006

A shorter ballad I have written that I believe is somewhere on this site under a thread called Bretonnia's Anthem. Long ago I wrote this and it is a tad short so excuse this for being a short "article"

I hope you all enjoy this short bit of poetry from me, yet again!



Fair Bretonnia, Fair Bretonnia
To the ladies light we march
our banner bright and our faith exceeding
to the enemy we shall go meeting

Fair Bretonnia, Fair Bretonnia
May our land prevail
for the lady of the lake, we do go see
to crush our enemies without defeat

Fair Bretonnia, Fair Bretonnia
On our quest we start
to sip from the grail and to tell our tales
with the Lady in our hearts

I hold my sword, I ride my horse
into battle and into war
fighting for our cause, fighting for our soil
I will repel the chaos, I'll make them recoil

We fight for Fair Bretonnia
we Shall never give in to evil
our honor protect us, our victory bring us
protection like a shield

The lady shall save us
for she protects us as we wish
she stands for what we protect
Fair Bretonnia is our bliss
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