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Friday, 25 August 2006

My love for poetry and of the written word has sent me into a blaze of writing poetry for Bretonnians to sing about in the days of darkness. There will be a series of poetry coming to the backgrounds of Bretonnia soon as I will keep writing. I bring you Until the Faithful Die. Also found in the Fortress Within.


And so do we sing,
our spir-its high
the foe struck down below us
our faithful steeds do fly

and no horse without its rider
strides forth from the deep
as chaos struggles before us
as virtuous we keep

and so do we sing
a dramatic goodbye
to the world we served faith in
as its time does grow ny

We march into battle
a hope in peril's gloom
light streams from the Men of the West
as we fight for sun and moon

and so do we sing
of the armies that we lead
of the days which we live
and of the light we had shed...

before the fading darkness
as we pushed back the tide
and so do we sing
until the faithful die

Until the faithful... die

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