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Saturday, 19 August 2006
As I write this, there is a lull in the siege of the Paladin’s Keep. For days now we are besieged by the forces of evil. A never incessant fire of boulders, arrows and other foul war machines has been raining chaos on the battlements. Our casualties grow beyond count and reinforcements are thin as the enemy keep up their assault, making it hard to get the badly needed supplies and men to the front walls. Great and ominous packs of heavy and black clouds gather above the white walls of the keep. I can barely hear the rumble of the thunder now over the cries of the dying and chaotic sounds of battle. Fires from the initial assault have added to the general chaos, making the Keep a labyrinth of fiery walls and thick smoke. The flaming arrows fill the darkened sky in an awesome but gruesome sight. If this assault holds on, we will lose the stronghold. Lady may guard us and bless us when the walls of our trusty and sturdy fortress collapse.

The careful optimism and exhilaration of our successful advances beyond the enemy lines now seem unreal and so far. In a week’s time the scales were grossly tipped by an enormous onslaught of the corrupted beasts, men, dwarves and elves. Before we could strengthen our pressured defences they tore through like a wild bull out of captivity. Their hordes, beforehand unseen by our scouts, poured through as a flood crashes through a broken dike. Our losses peaked this week to appalling numbers as entire armies were swept away in the wake of the enemy’s advance. We may count ourselves lucky as of yet that their advance has been stopped before the keep lest we had lost this strongpoint, we would lose the war as our entire left flank lies open. Even now though the war is desperate and in a critical point, we have not given up hope. It will be a sad indeed when the forces of darkness finally overwhelm our allies and us after millennia of fighting and eternal battles. We have to uphold our pride and honour here and turn the tide of the war. Trapped beasts unleash unseen strength and ferocity in defence; let the Lady grant us the same. The seven armies of this crusade have been redeployed: we shall drive back the enemy or die with our Bretonnian pride and sword in the hand.

It’s been hard to visit the shrine at the moment as we are cut off by the enemy and have to take lengthy detours towards the shrine. For the moment it is safe near the Temple yet it will be lost when we lose here. I ordered Lady Tiriana to prepare everything for a hasty retreat: we may have to abandon the shrine yet the relics they will never have. I made it my personal quest to bring back the remains of our ancient forefather lest his body be befouled and corrupted by the taint of evil. A cart stands with fresh horses stand by to bring the sarcophagus into safety if the line breaks. As to the curse that lies over this ancient Bretonni Knight: the omens made it clear to me before I received the specific books. The taint of Chaos lies over this noble warrior’s grave, more so it is the one who his corrupted followers call the blood god, one of the four prime evils: Khorne has put his mark on the corpse of our brave ancestor to mock and dishonour us. As I learned of this threat, I blockaded the temple with the Army of Roiglan for a mile around so that the soldiers won’t fall to the evil corrupting touch. The irony has not failed me: when we need a strong boost in morale, we find it lacking as our prime objective is sealed off. Almost constantly there stands one of the Guardians vigils over the entrance. I have not yet informed the Marshall or any other Generals to the nature of this curse because of recent events. We shall have to find a solution to cleanse this grave even if we lose this war.
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