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Friday, 18 August 2006
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Chapter III-Fallen Knight
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Beren puked at the sight before him, as he was sure that the other men with him would, they had been through all of the city, were there were corpses everywhere, with men chopped to pieces, children cut in half, women raped and mutilated, but none of those sights had awakened this reaction in him.

     These men had not been killed with a weapon, everyone could see that, the first and biggest in the long row of men in that hall, had his neck broken, a deed that would seem impossible to Beren due to that men's size, yet there he was, his head hanging to the side, no longer in natural position, but the other men were even more shocking, more than thirty men lay there in the hall, some with all their limbs broken and hanging on their sides, others with their windpipes broken so that the men would slowly choke in agony, but the worse were those who hand been ripped open by a human hand, and some of the others who had a hole in their stomaches opened by a fist...

     At some point of the battle...nay, slaughter, some of the men fled, but they were hunted down mercilessly, these who ran, were not killed like the others had been, these who fled had all their bones broken in the arms and legs, but in a manner that they would remain conscious, and them, they would have their limbs tied like a deer and would be hanged to the ceiling, until their flesh and muscle gave up and their arms would be ripped apart, half of their bodies would fall to the floor and their limbs would continue to hang in the ceiling, the flesh and muscles attracting scavengers.

      Never, in all his years of service, had he seen something as gruesome as horrifying as this.

     One of the men came to him, still nervous, and said:

-We found a tombstone in a hill nearby with the inscription "Elvina Le Roselle" sir.

-Only that? Was there any other inscriptions?

     Beren asked while directing him to accompany him down the stairs, he was eager to go outside, away from those horrible sights:

-None that we noticed sir, of course that we may be wrong, should I send someone there to dug up the grave to find if the body is truly of Lady Elvina?

     He asked Beren, to which he replied:

-No sergeant, that would be denying the spirit its right full sleep, and Lady Elvina isn't amongst these bodies, so we will have to assume that it is her buried in that hill.

      And get some men here, I want all those bodies to be buried.

-Including the Marauders Sir?

      He asked, ready to go and run off to gather some men:

-No sergeant, burn them.

     I told him, and turned to the other way, towards the tents, I knew that a long night lay ahead, where I would try to write a report to the forces in the south explaining the gruesome sights and discoveries we had made here.

     The images of the men ripped apart still continued to haunt him.

     He stepped inside the tent, sat at his desk, grabbed some parchment and feathers, inked the feathers and started writing:

"Milord, we have finally reached..."

     He began writing.

     It would be a long night...



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