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Friday, 18 August 2006
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Chapter III-Fallen Knight
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Arthas had not been able to sleep very well in his last night, and dawn had seemed to come too quickly for him, giving him even less time to sleep.

     So, at the first signs of dawn he jumped atop of his horse and started riding his horse fast.

     He went past the beautiful woods and hills, and the villages full of joyful people, yet, he did not stop to admire such things, for something inside him urged him on, urged him to be faster, so he did, he went on, not stopping, and forcing his horse to his limits, until, very near the village of the Asturien, Arthas recognized the smell of burned flesh, he urged his already tired horse to go on, Bucefalus, not wanting to displease his master, did so, and almost fell of exhaustion when they finally slowed down in the edge of the village.

     Arthas slowed his horse to a trotting pace, he saw, all around him in the village corpses mutilated, women raped, and the defenders ripped apart. Several houses had burned down, and some more still were burning.

     Arthas finally reached the entrance to the keep and stepped down from his horse, throwing the doors open, he stepped inside the halls, where the visions were even more horrific than those outside, he heard some strange sounds and turned around, he saw two men, one of them rapping a women, who Arthas recognized as being Sabrina, his wife's most precious friend, the remaining man, probably waiting for his turn, turned around and looked at him speechless with his surprise, Arthas, quickly, and without hesitation, stabbed him in the middle, the tip of his sword appearing in the other side of the man, he slumped to the floor, with moans of agony while the other mn dropped Sabrina, grabbed a mace and turned around:

-Why you bastard son of a ....

And then he lunged for him, Arthas sidestepped and with a swift move cut his opponents arm, the man screamed, and fell to his knees, not spending the opportunity, in one quick movement, he was beheaded.

Not wasting time, Arthas ran to Sabrina and lifted her up:

-Sabrina! Sabrina speak to me, where is my wife?!

Arthas said, to whom the only apparent response was a look from Sabrina to the top of the stairs.

     He let go of her, and too fast for him to stop her, she grabbed a dagger and plunged it into her body, burying it deep, and she fell besides the many corpses, dead.

Arthas did not want to delay with her body, and he was sure he would have enough time to bury her later, but now, all he could think of was Elvina.

     He ran to the stairs, and started up, until, he saw the blue night dress he remembered Elvina had, he strode forward, and reached her, he fell to his knees and pulled her up to him, and then, he looked into her dead eyes, and he was no more... all his hopes, joy, and memories turned into blurry thoughts as he looked at her eyes, eyes watching something that was not of this world, Arthas lifted her in his arms, and screamed with rage and sorrow, his scream echoed the halls, it was a scream that made all men afraid to meet its origin. And then, after he finished his long scream of rage, he wept, holding her in his arms.

He heard footsteps behind him, and sorrow turned to anger, blue eyes with tears turned to eyes with the flames of fury, and so he turned around and looked into the halls, where at least three dozen men were.

-Hey! How'd you get inside here....

     He had no time to finish the sentence, for his head was no longer together with his shoulders, the other men stepped back, uneasy, until from amongst them, a bigger and stronger one stepped forward with a huge mace, Arthas lunged and the men brought his mace down, the mace and the sword met in mid air, and they seemed to fight for some time, trying to see which one would break first, and alas, it was Arthas blade which broke.

      The huge warrior grinned while he remained expressionless, and threw the remains of his swords away, and readied for the oncoming mace.

      In a brief moment, he quickly dodged the huge man's mace and grabbed his wrist while punching the man with the other hand, the man dropped the Mace and fell to his knees, shaken and momentarily stunned.

      Not spending time to grab a weapon from the floor, Arthas did the unthinkable for a knight, he stepped forward to the man and grabbed his neck, putting immense strength and tension in his arms, he twisted the men's neck, and for a time, it seemed the men's neck resisted, but his neck quickly gave up, and with a loud *snap* broke.

     The lifeless body of the men dropped to the floor, his head hanging in a awkward position.

Arthas turned his attention to the other men, and they stepped back, and for a moment hesitated, until they all charged at once, Arthas remained expressionless during the whole time he killed one by one with his bare hands, he felt nothing, he was wounded several times but they were not even distractions for him while he broke their windpipes with his elbow and broke another men's arms with but a twist of his hands... soon, the remaining few turned and fled up the hall opposite from Arthas, who was dripping blood, from his wounds, and from his hands that had killed so many men in that brief moment.

 These fleeing men had no chance, and they knew it... his eyes no longer had the colour blue, instead, they now looked like a deep and dark nothingness.

Arthas was no longer a knight... he was an empty shell now, a men stripped of his soul... now...the only thought in his mind was vengeance...




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