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Friday, 18 August 2006
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Chapter III-Fallen Knight
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Elvina laughed together with Sabrina, her aide, she looked out of the window, towards the green hills rolling over the fields outside of the keep.

     It was a beautiful land, and She was glad to have married into a place like this, she recalled that when she was a child she was often afraid to marry a fat, lazy lord living in a castle in the middle of a swamp like her older sister had.

     But the thing she was most afraid of, was of marrying someone she did not love, yet, that had not happened, she and Arthas loved each other deeply, and they live only to be in each other's arms.

-Don't worry, he will come back to you soon enough, probably tomorrow.

Elvina returned from her memories as a statue awakened from eternal slumber:

-Sorry, what? How did you know...?

-Oh, well, I have had that look of passion many times before.

Elvina blushed under this commentary and started hoping that Sabrina would change the subject quickly, suddenly, in a moment of distraction, she accidentally pricked her finger with the needle:


She said, and Sabrina leaned over from her chair and looked at her fingers:

-My, my, again? It is the third time this week! Ill be right back with the healing woman.

-No, wait its not necessary...

Elvina said, but Sabrina was gone already, trough the wooden oak door to the left of the fire place.

     Elvina looked around at the room, she was sitting by the window, with Sabrina's chair in front of her, her bed lay just a few feet behind her, how she missed Arthas presence besides her in her bed, she blushed, and looked around to make sure that nobody was looking, she hated it when people looked at her without her knowing, it made her feel vulnerable, she looked out the window again, to the green hills and forest outside "Come home Arthas." she thought to herself.




Clovis was tired, bone tired, but he knew that he had to wait until his shift replacements would arrive, and he was sure that his sergeant would soon arrive to relieve him from duty.

     He looked back at the Asturien keep behind him, at its wonderful silhouette against the moonlight.

     Suddenly, he heard a small noise coming from the woods; he turned around, and tried to discern a shape in the pitch black of the woods, but was unable to. "Oh well, must have been a rabbit" he thought to himself, and went back to his own thoughts about his life and what he would do when he was relieved of duty for that night, until a hand was across his mouth.

     He could feel the point of a dagger in his back, which was the warning for Clovis to not resist or make a sound, he freezed like a statue.

     He looked back at the darkness of the forest from where he saw emerging dozens of Marauders, he was sweating heavily as the marauders ran past him, when no more emerged from the forest, Clovis felt an agonising pain as the tip of a dagger appeared in the centre of his chest, and he slumped to the ground, dead...




She didn't know for how long she had been asleep, but her guess was of at least two hours, when suddenly, she wake up with her door bursting open and Sabrina entering the room, only then did Elvina look out the window to see the village burning and to hear screams of men and women.

-They are coming my dear! Quick! Hide in the closet!

Sabrina quickly closed the door and locked it while Elvina jumped out of bed and ran towards the closet to the left of the fireplace, when suddenly, the door seemed to exploded, throwing Sabrina to the back of the room. Two big men stepped inside the room, both standing six feet tall and handling maces and axes.

-Hey, it seems we stepped inside the right room huh? I never had whores from royalty!

One of them said, pointing with his head to her, the other stepped forward, with intentions of grabbing her to do what he would with her. Seeing no way out, she also stepped forward, and in a quick movement grabbed the poker from the fireplace and stabbed the face of a very surprised men, he screamed wildly and with rage as his hands reached of his eyes, dropping a knife, his companion was distracted by the first man, and so, Elvina took this opportunity to grab the knife the first had dropped, and she stabbed the second in his gut, who was also very surprised, he fell to the ground, with moans of pain while the other was still screaming with his hands in his eyes, trying to take out the poker without taking off the eyeballs from their sockets. Elvina moved quickly, and went to the back of the room and grabbed a shocked Sabrina.

-Quick Sabrina! We have to run!

She said, and holding her by the hand, ran from the room into the hall, where dead men lay everywhere, most of them being the palace guards, both of them continued moving, seeing only dead people and none leaving to stop them or harm them, until they reached the top of the ladder in the entrance hall, where dozens of bodies from men-at-arms lay near the doors, and women in the corners were being raped, their screams vibrating trough the hall like those of a banshee, several men looked up, and grinned, grins of barbarians, murderers and rapists.

     Elvina started taking several steps back, until her back bounced something, she turned around to see a huge men standing there, grinning at her while another men took a fainted Sabrina away.

     Elvina lunged, trying to stab the men, but he was quicker and grabbed her wrist, in that moment, when she felt the cold blade of death piercing trough her abdomen, all she could think of was her mother, and how she had taught her to stay calm and slowly count until ten, a hundred, or a thousand, depending on how nervous or sad she was... so, while her dying body hit the cold marble floor, she looked up, trough the dome in the ceiling, at the stars, and started counting... one...two...three...four...



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