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Friday, 18 August 2006
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Chapter III-Fallen Knight
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Wow, this one took me soo long to write

and its actually some lines shorter than chapter II

so please, take a couple of minutes into writing my job, and tell me what you think of it! 

Chronicles of the Asturien


Chapter III:

Fallen Knight

     Boris looked around, he was nervous with this new job they had been hired to do, he saw his other companions, all dressed in the same robes with leather armour below them and red adornations in their wrists in the robes.

     They had won more money from this one job than from all the others they did in the past six month, together, and it was only half the payment yet! "Half now, and the other half when you bring me his head" was the words he recalled in heir meeting, their target this time was a wizard, called Gareth de Corann.

They had killed and assassinated many noblemen and such, but of wizards they were afraid, but the price they were offered was just too much to let down, and so, they used some of the money and went to a wizard in Nuln, where they persuaded him to sell them some small arcane items, which warded them against fire spells, because from what they had heard, their target once belonged to the bright college of Magic in Altdorf, but for some reason had abandoned it some months ago, yet, he was still residing in Altdorf for that time, and now, he had finally left the Capital city and was heading towards Nuln.

     They decided to intercept him in his travel, and so, they had waited for hours in a road between Nuln and Altdorf, until now.
     He looked up the road again, their target, an old yet powerful wizard was walking down the road and approaching their direction he was wearing a worn out grey robe and a old brown cape covering most of his body, he could see below the hood a little of the man's white beard, it was dark, with full moon so his visions were limited, and they hoped that being an old man, he would see very well.
     Boris looked to the other side of the road, there, lay waiting five of his men, and another five in this side of the road with him, waiting for his signal to strike, the old man footsteps were getting louder, *thump, thump, thump....* until, when he was but fifteen feet away from them, he signalled to strike, they all charged around the wizard shouting and screaming all of them with their swords held above their heads ready to strike the man.
     The old man quickly threw his cape open and lifted his right hand in the air while gesturing some strange and incomprehensible words, instantly there was a loud booming sound and a ball of fire was thrown against two of the nearest men, the first died quickly, his face caught in the trajectory of the fireball, the second, lifted his sword arm to protect his face, but to no use, his arm was burn and the ashes were taken by the wind, the men fell in the ground, screaming and holding what was left of his arm.
     Another of Boris men stepped forward and charged at the wizard, the wizard lifted his left hand and again did the same as before, and another fireball appeared out of the wizard's hand and started burning trough the air in the man's direction, just some seconds before the fireball hit him, he lifted his left with the talisman and held it before him, the fireball hit his hand holding the talisman and exploded in a thousand little suns that vanished, sucked by the talisman.
     The wizard looked surprised and genuinely afraid and stood his ground, looking at the men around him, Boris and his men grinned, realising that as long as they were fast enough, the talismans would protect them, they started spreading in a circle around the man, and when they finally were spread around him, cutting off any means of escape, the old man relaxed his muscles and stood straight, as to accept his inevitable death it seemed to him, but then, the man did something unthinkable, he smiled.
     With a quick movement of his hands the men next to Boris vanished in an explosion of guts and blood that were thrown everywhere, one of men charged the wizard who twisted his right hand in the direction of the man, he could see a ball forming in his hands, twisting what he saw beyond it, like water in a glass, it was thrown in the direction of the man, , to all effects, just like a fireball would, but this was no fireball, this strangely dense ball looked like something between a cloud and water, the man held the talisman before him, and when the ball hit him, he could see his hand breaking under the weight of the ball which continued and eventually hit his chest, it seemed that the men had been hit with a hammer in his chest, first, the chest seemed to resist the ball, but in less than a second, his chest gave a loud crack and broke, leaving the man open with what seemed a whole in his chest, the men fell with a loud sound, dead.
     Two of Boris men turned and started running, but the wizard gestured at them with his left hand and what seemed to be an invisible half circle blade jolted out of his hands, distorting the air around it while it went in the direction of the two running men, which were both cut in half when the air like blade them.
     Pulsing with rage, he screamed and charged the wizard at the same time as his other four men did, instead of the fluid movements with his hand he had made before, the old wizard this time made a series of outwards movements with his hands and Boris suddenly felt a punch to his face and stomach and the same time and fell backwards, so did most of his men he saw, some of them quickly got up and tried to ran but the wizard brought them down like he had done to the rest of them, until, only he was left, he got up to his knees, and saw his sword several feet away, the wizard turned to him and walked calmly in his direction.

     Boris started sobbing, helpless before this powerful being:
-Please sir, I beg you, let me live, I want to live!!
-Oh, don't worry, you will live...
With those words from the wizard, he felt the sweet release of unconsciousness enveloping him, and gave up to it.



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