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Thursday, 17 August 2006
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The Challenge at Paladin's Keep
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It had been a long war, each day the evil would creep upon us like shadows in the night. It was true what they say... evil never sleeps. The tragic loss of land only decreased our morale more as we fought on. Not for glory nor honor, but for life.

F.Y.I There is a fluff on this challenge already on the Twilight War site so I give credit to theDarkGeneral for writing the original, so now I write my view on it and add a little more.

It was a cold war for the Good side. The Council of Light demanded again and again under a central leadership to prepare the defenses, the most hated words to be uttered from their mouths.

I'm sure I was not known in these parts, unlike I was back home in bretonnia, but many of my friends had also set out on this journey to free the great lands of Lumbria from the grasp evil had claimed on it.

War had not stopped, the chaos had pushed us back and forth again and again as when we saw light and hope it would only be diminished nder the blanket of despair as they would perform a mighty defense.

The battles: epic, the fighting: cruel, as the war would never stop, chaos would always have their hunger for more bloodshed. I bring you to a tragic defeat now. At a time where the council had woe for the loss of Lumbria itself. The noble fortresses within the Elven forest of Brightwood and the Mountains held by the dwarfs in the east had fallen.

The seas were crippled by our forces as we would keep the attack but the battle for Lumbria was at the Paladin's Keep. A mighty fortress which, upon its walls, it held a mighty burden to hold out until the siege was over. This was seen as impossible.

Among the ranks I could be seen, Jean Marcel le Honorable was my name. I fought beside the Elves, beside the Bretonnians whom are my brethren, and beside even the Imperials of the east and the Dwarfs of the mountain passes. Even in this time of loss our will to survive and win, to quell the evil, was reigning supreme. But none-the-less, our willpower could not stop the ultimate siege of this great fortress.

It had been a long time since I had experienced such a grand war. Mighty generals of the Dark Gods had come to this day to slaughter us in hatred. I can still recall the day we lost our hope, yes, it is coming back to me.

I stood upon the walls as they would fire their chaotic weapons at us. Many assembled before the keep. Dark elves of Naggaroth, Ogres from distant lands, Orcs and Goblins ready to burn and slaughter, the vile Skaven of the underworld that wished to let loose disease among humankind, the dwarfs that had laid deep in the mountains... ultimately succumbed by chaos, and the very dark lords of the Northern Wastelands themselves: the Hordes of Chaos.

Time and time again we rode out in hopes of a victory and came back with many dead as we could only hope to have the siege stopped with each passing day. It was in our dire time of hope as they kept pushing the attacks forward I decided that there was only one chance for survival.

To lower the enemy's morale, to show the Council some hope and that there was still glory in it for us, that we could push back the tides of darkness. I would stall for the Keep's sake, I would challenge a lord of chaos.

After the months of fighting,there had been one general who would march his armies onto the battlefield before me time and time again and victory had its turns and so did loss, but it was he who I wished to show death, it was he who I would push back into the afterlife and bring glory and hope to the side of Good.

He only went by a name given to him by his fellow comrades. The Dark General. He had no name, neither did the chaotic scum deserve one. His despicable army before us lay seige with the others.

A grave night it was, many lives were lost as the walls were breached at one point... they entered and many defended, the blood of too many spilt that day. Upon the battle, it was I who pushed forward the attack into the depths as people saw to me as a madman. My blade cut asunder the foes that had crept out from the dark and I sent them back to the abyss.

Upon fighting the dark ones noticed my efforts to slay them all until the last man. The very army of the Dark General was the one I chose out to puncture my lance through the ranks of, with this his anger rose charging forth in the night. Too much had gone to slaughter as the charge of the elven and dwarven alliances could not be beaten back, their stubborness proving to be a key element of victory.

My blade rose to meet the Dark General's and they clashed. Steel on steel could be heard throughout the halls of the Keep during the fight that had ensued for the whole night thus far. The words that night were relieving, as our battle did not end, hearing the evil side screaming "Fall Back! Fall Back!"

But before such a cowardly move was made the Dark General turned and swore his return. He issued me a challenge to decide the fate of my life, it would redeem himself from falling back to the woods, and avenge his fallen foul followers.

My heart pumped with a quick speed, my nerves tingling as I nodded my head in agreement to it. He pulled his sword away and marched back with haste to prepare. This day... it could be called the closest thing to a victory we have experienced for a while.


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