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Chapter i, The Tragic Tale of the Noble Lady Si'anelle of Avelorn PDF Print
Wednesday, 08 June 2005
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Chapter i, The Tragic Tale of the Noble Lady Si'anelle of Avelorn
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It is said that beside the pool named 'Despairing' within the Forest of Avelorn there does dwell a great toad...." The Elf lady did lower her lashes, her unpleasant smile hidden from Si'anelle's sight as she did continue to address her companions. "It is also said that this great toad does possess a pearl of peerless size and beauty. And should any of pure intent risk the dangers of the forest, asking of the toad to gift the pearl to them, the toad will give of it. So long as the pearl shall be a gift to another and the name of the one chosen to receive the pearl be spoken with an honest heart."

Becoming annoyed Ae'thenal spoke aloud from where she did stand beside her childhood friend. "My Lady, - and does this great toad of which you speak possess a storehouse of pearls to be gifted away. For it does seem to me that this is no more than an idle tale without substance."

Lowering her lashes a second time the Elven lady bowed her head, her beautiful face showing not a sign that she was discomforted in being contradicted in her tale. Though her haughty companions did make a gift of their scowls upon seeing that it was but the Noble Lady Si'anelle's unpleasant ill mannered friend who did dare interrupt their conversation.

"Lady Ae'thenal," and this was given with a sigh as if the sight of her wearing her light armour, cloak and mud stained boots was altogether too much to bear. "Before all here present I do assent that this tale is truth. The great toad does own but the single pearl, and the pearl will be gifted in the manner of which I have spoken." With a wave of an elegant hand the lady courtier of the Everqueen dismissed her. Now she did incline her head towards Si'anelle. "Noble Lady," she said her voice silken. "I do understand that soon our Everqueen will give thought to the selection of new candidates to her Maiden Guard." And having said this she did bow her head slightly a second time before departing with her companions.

Clenching her jaw upon the harsh curse she did fully wish to cast after the foolish creatures in their fine gowns and silks Ae'thenal gave her attention to her friend. Only Si'anelle did merely stand at her ease watching the lady courtiers as they did make their way across the clearing towards the pavilion of the Everqueen. "So it shall be soon then Ae'thenal," she did say quietly.

Knowing that since she was but a child Si'anelle had treasured the desire to be of the Everqueen's Maiden Guard, Ae'thenal placed her hand gently upon her friend's shoulder. "You should not hope too much Si'anelle." For how many times now had Si'anelle awaited the outcome of their Everqueen's selection of candidates. And how many times had Si'anelle wept in the aftermath.

"You do doubt my qualification Ae'thenal," accused her friend and Ae'thenal sighed. "I have laboured long under Cedwyn's instruction until my fingers did bleed from contact with the bowstring. And I have suffered his drilling with a sword in my hand until my arms could not lift the sword's weight and I did sink to the ground afflicted with a great weariness."

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