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Tuesday, 15 August 2006
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Chapter II-Death in your Sleep
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The world was not clear to him, he tried to sit up but his chest hurt him too much so he stayed down in what seemed to be a litter, apparently fashioned to carry injured soldiers and such, Uther turned his head to his right and looked around, he was in the middle of dozens of other litters, and by what he could see, all the men lying there were in worse shape than he was. When Uther tried to turn his head to his left a sudden shock of pain went from his jaw, in his right side, to his brow, he suddenly remembered that the last image he recalled was that of a mace coming in his direction, "The helmet must have resisted to the blow" Uther thought to himself.

     He suddenly was aware of someone moving towards him, but he couldn't look up to see who it was until he was but three feet away.

-Well, well, finally, back from the world of the dead?

Uther looked up, at the face of Jean Marcel.

-If you want to keep your head between your shoulders Marcel, then help me up would you?!

Uther said, angry at Jean's relaxed pose.

-Good day to you too.

Jean said in a sarcastic tone, while leaning down to help Uther up.

When Uther got up he looked around him, trying to recognise some of the faces he saw on the litters, he wasn't able to recognise any of them, and any hope of him being able to was lost mostly do to the fact that many of them had disfigurations caused by wounds in their faces. They started walking towards a tent thirty feet away from them, it was night with some torches burning, yet Uther could already see beams of light from the east, announcing the arrival of the sun and the dawn of a new day, curious about all that had happened since he was left unconscious Uther turned to Jean and asked:

-What happened? I remember that one of the last things I saw was the battle being lost, our lines being broken, and many of the knights, like you, on foot fighting impossible odds.

Jean didn't stop to ask, there was no need to, instead, he continued walking while formulating and answer:

-Well, it was all just a group of miracles you see, from what I heard the knights in

 the main unit that survived the travel trough the enemy's army reached the central unit where their general and commanders were, after a tough fight they managed to kill the General and a handful of his commanders, with this, almost fifty thousand of their men in the central part of the battlefield panicked and fled, the remaining were cut down with the charge of the two hundred knights we left there, soon enough, the middle forces were split and each went to reinforce the two sides of the battlefield, yet, we were still losing and heavily outnumbered...

     Jean interrupted  his narration when they entered the tent in which were the knight lords, Uther noticed that from the thirteen knights, only eight, including Jean and Uther were there, those missing were Robert Giselles, Guillaume le Courageux, and Marcidius D'Brionne. Etien noticed his worries and said:

-Worry not for Robert and Guillaume, they are in bed, with bruises and tired, but they will be all right, as for Marcidius, we were waiting for the three of you to wake up for the burial of his body, or what is left of him.

His face had a grim look, which seemed to be due to the loss of a great knight amongst them. Uther looked around again, and this time, he noticed two other knights standing in a corner, one wearing a robe with red and blue, gilded with yellow and with adornations of small yellow swords in each side of the robe, and the other still wearing his armour, with blue and yellow colours where his robes were visible and with a small trident standing off in his chest robe, Uther recognised these colours as being from Carcassone and from Bordeleaux.

-These two are Aiden from Carcassone and Baron Sigibald from Bordeleaux.

Uther greeted them and was greeted back with a slight nod from both the knights, Jean turned to Uther again and said:

-After the enemy had lost fifty thousand men and we had reinforced both our flanks, we were still losing the battle, until these two appeared up with twenty five thousand troops. They flank charged the two occurring battles and we simply crushed them! It was a beautiful sight Uther, you should have seen it.

-Well then, it seems that our job here is done, and what a great victory it was! Those filthy chaos scums won't come back so soon.

Uther finished the sentence with a laugh, awkwardly, nobody laughed with him, Gaulord and Gisoreux grinned, but the grins soon faded as they saw Montgallion turning to him:

-What Jean here is not telling you Uther, is that not all news here are good news.

Uther reflected upon these words and said:

-Then let me hear this bad news, better sooner than later, Alain started again:

-Well, it just happened that not all the fifty thousand men who fled went to the west; one day ago we discovered a group of five thousand heading north Uther, towards your home.

-Well then! Lets just gather a small force and go stop them before they reach my lands! It wont take much, they are certainly tired and all.

Uther started walking towards the exit of the tent when Montgallion started again:

-You have been asleep for nearly four days Uther, I am sorry to tell you that they must have already reached you keep, we sent some forces there, but they will take another day, according some reports, we have heard that the only defenders in the village of the keep on duty were roughly two hundred men. I'm sorry Uther, it is just too late.  

In that horrible and agonising short moment, Uther felt his world crumble around him.



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