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Tuesday, 15 August 2006
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Chapter II-Death in your Sleep
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     The voices of the yeoman wardens vibrating and booming in the space between the two forces for a few seconds until the moment where it seemed that the statues were awoken, and all the men from both lines started running towards the opposing force.

     Screams and shouts for the lady and for the gods of chaos were heard in those few seconds before the first contact, Hugo ran as fast as he could, shouting "FOR THE LADY!" to give his men a boost in morale while he ran to meet his foe, the other force did no less, for they also charged forward, their axes and weapons in the air while they shouted names of various chaos gods, the most common shout being "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!".

     The last few metres were disappearing under his feet while Hugo ran as fast as he could, with his sword in his hand and the shield ready to receive an impact.

     He could see the face of the men he was about to crash into, a complete stranger to him, yet a threat to him and to those he loved, the two lines crashed and during a small moment the world seemed to explode while axes met shields, swords ripped trough guts, maces crushed the men's faces and man after men was brought down under the sheer weight and strength of their comrades pushing them onwards. Men were trampled by their fellow companions and the lines of tight formations that once were so clearly defined existed no more, now, men fought for their survival.

     Hugo deflected a blow from an axe with his shield and slashed the man making a clean cut across his chest, he fell backwards only to have his place taken by another one bigger and faster, he delivered a blow with his hammer, directed to Hugo's head, Hugo dodged to his right and lunged forward with his sword, stabbing the man in the abdomen. The man fell, and Hugo didn't have enough time to withdraw his sword from the men's gut, so, he took his wood cutting axe from his belt and buried it deep into the face of one of the enemy's men stabbing one of Hugo's men. Hugo took the opportunity to seize the man's short blade just in time to deflect a blow from another man who was quickly dispatched by a halberd from one of the men-at-arms.

     Hugo looked around, the battle was grim, his men were being cut down to pieces and the line had been broken everywhere, yet none of the holes in the line was big enough for the knights to charge into it. Another problem Hugo could see was the enemy's elite warriors, big and tall men standing well over Hugo and wearing full armour, these were the ones causing most of the holes in the line, they simply charged in and killed everything that moved, he could see one of them charging a group of his men and in mere seconds he broke one of the men's neck, ripped another open and crushed a third one's skull, fortunately, nearby men charged him by all sides, some were taking down in this warrior's frenzy, but a lot of them were able to stab the warrior between the junctions of his armour until he finally succumbed to his many wounds.

     Hugo knew that in his unit had to eliminate these warriors very quickly or they would be eliminated themselves faster than it was planned, Hugo was able to approach one of the warriors by the back, right in the same time that the horn of the attack of the main unit of knights was heard, Hugo lunged and tried to stab the warrior through his cape, but in a cruel blow of fate his sword hit only plate armour, the warrior turned around and in a strike so quick that seemed impossible for someone of his size, the warrior brought down his huge mace, smashing Hugo's shield, stunned by the pain of having his hand broken, Hugo fell to one of his knees thought to himself how lucky he was that at least the wooden shield had taken some of the shock, when he finally looked up, recovered by the shock, he realised that he had dropped his sword from his right hand and it was on the ground, no more than two feet away from him, the warrior brought the mace up and then down into a descendent blow, Hugo lunged for the sword and grabbing it, he brought it up in hopes of deflecting the blow from the mace, yet he knew that he had run out of time, and in that moment it seemed to Hugo that the world had slowed down, while he watched the inevitable descent of the mace in the direction of his skull, and just as he was about to close his eyes to receive the blow he saw a hoof exploding trough the warrior's helmet, sending pieces of his skull and blood everywhere.

      Hugo looked around and saw the knights charging past him towards the enemy, Hugo joined them in the charge and holding his sword high he shouted


     And he ran, towards the thousands of men before him...


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