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Saturday, 12 August 2006

This is a little short story to try and get a feel for this new character. any feedback would be very welcome.

A Tale of Guy De Vexille

(Saltwater Fens)

            The Inside of the Pavilion was warm, the soft light of the single brazier playing across his closed lids.  He rolled over and pulled the thin blanket up about his neck.  A soft breeze played across his face stirring his hair, “I am already awake Percival”.  Guy rolled over and the face of his squire, and cousin, Percival of Harcourt “I hope my food is on its way?”

            “Of course Gu…I mean milord” The boy was always forgetting himself, Guy let out a sigh, and motioned for the boy to leave.

Not an hour later Guy De Vexille sat his velvet black destrier, the black and yellow barding emblazoned with a Silver fluer de’ lis.  “Hell, they have a reaper” the silver clad dark elves across the field were standing in disciplined ranks while his own peasant milled aimlessly.  Sergeant-At-Arms, get those men into some semblance of order” The rotund sergeant fearing his lords’ anger quickly started shouting orders and shoving the slower ones.  Guy turned his attentions back across the field, “warriors…black guard…sorceress…oh Lady witch elves” Turning his attentions to his second in command, and leader of the Knights of the Realm “send the errant against the witch elves, let them earn their spurs, the Peasants after the reaper and the Knights of the Realm after the Warriors and I shall take the grail knights up the center into the elites and the sorceress.” A smile played across his lips as he thought of the coming battle, this would be well worth the trip to this foreign land.  Sound the advance

As he spurred his horse down the hill surrounded by his grail knights, known in Bretonnia as the Knights Poing De Fer (Iron Fist).  As they thundered down the short rise toward the lines of elves a sound like a giant bow firing in quick succession made him turn to look and see clearly half of  his peasants fall under the withering fire.  The men at arms started to run but turned in time to see the Knights of the Realm crash into the warriors, with a sound of a tree being struck by lightning.

But to the right things had not gone as planned the witch Elves had charged the Young Knights Errant and were wreaking havoc even as the knights of the realm wheeled after running down the warriors.  But at that moment his unit came to grips with the stoic warriors of the black guard.  His modified lance, being three feet longer due to the sword like blade on the tip, impacted first, the large blade passing through the warriors neck and into the chest of the one behind.  At That Moment a blast and a wave of heat washed over the melee.  Turning in the saddle to view the source of the sound he saw the remains of the Knights Errant cut down by the huge ballista bolts.  At that moment he knew what had happened, and began to search for the sorceress but took a blow to the shield that almost unhorsed him.

He slashed downward and the keen edged sword sheared through chain mail and bone with impunity.  He heard the sound of raucous shouts and turned to see the peasant charge into the remaining Black guard.  The elves seeing they were outnumbered and beset from two sides chose that moment to flee, and thus they chose death.  Breaking away from his knights he made a straight course for the sorceress, when she saw him charging head on she smiled wickedly and began to chant.  Guy son of Baelerion de Vexille knew that his moment of glory was upon him, unless he acted.  As the sorceress’s chant reached its crescendo he drew from the inside of his gauntlet an old and battered piece of parchment.  A gift from a damsel, by the name of Genevieve, given upon his ascension to the rank of Knight of the Realm and Lord of Vexille,  She had approached and stepping close had whispered in his ear “let this be a sign of my affection and may it save your life one day”.  It seemed only like yesterday, but it had been well over 5 years.  As the sorceress brought her finger down pointing at Guy he raised the old parchment, and Guy de Vexille glowed with a blue light that suffused him and his army.  The sorceress had a look of extreme discontent as she saw me bear down on her unaffected by her fell magic.  His sword cut through her unarmored flesh.  As she fell she grabbed Guy’s armored fore arm and pulled herself close “I leave this as a sign of my affection human with that she proceeded to stab him in the mailed armpit the sharp dagger passing between his ribs.

He grunted in pain and shoved her away and she took the bloodied dagger with her.  Fire burned up my side as his limp form tumbled from the saddle.  Perhaps” he said as his knights approached “we may have went and beat ‘em too bad on our first try.”

The inside of the pavilion was warm, not overly warm but comfortably so.  He rolled over and looked into the face of his squire “Percival” he breathed “How…How long have I been.”

“Well over a week lord you were close to death, the blade was poisoned.  We would have lost you but for an old friend of yours.”  The tent flap opened and a robed figure stepped inside.

Genevieve!” Half a hundred questions formed in Guy’s mind but before he could ask.

“Well met Guy son of Baelerion lord of Vexille, I always knew you were bound fro greater things than a lordship.” Sang out the melodious voice he knew so well.  “But your battles here are not yet at an end.”
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