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Friday, 11 August 2006
The war has intensified over the week as both armies now face the bitter reality of an attrition war. We, the six Bretonnian armies, along with some allied armies were to press the weak defences at the lighthouse and restore the line at its starting position. Our assault was incredibly successful as we quickly pushed the witless and disheartened defenders back. The hardly put up a fight for this region, which made me wonder if they weren’t concentrating to force another breakthrough. My suspicions were right as the armies of darkness now stand once again at Brightwood, facing a rugged and eager defence of the armies of light. Meanwhile we used the opportunity while their attention was fixed on the woods: two counterattacks at the flanks of their assault were successful and broke through until we stood back at the Fens and the Cruel Peak.   The situation at the temple is worsening every week: often the Guardians would find the doors to the tomb forced open. Posting guards at the entrance has no use as they also fall to the brutal demands of the sarcophagus. We found another Knight at the stone tomb yesterday, dead as he had plunged himself unto his own sword. His blood surrounded the sarcophagus, darker the normal while maggots infested his spilled pure blood. We learned afterwards that this unlucky had led a disastrous charge at Verdun last week, which claimed many unnecessary lives and material. Dishonoured and tormented by his own will, apparently he saw his suicide as the only way out of his misery and to forsake any responsibility. The books I ordered from Couronne are on their next shipment but I fear I won’t need any more evidence for this apparition.
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