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Thursday, 29 June 2006
“Several weeks of dusty roads, stormy seas and snow-covered passes in sun-bleached wastes, dangerous avalanches and swampy grasslands,” Gisoreux de Ponthieu grumbled and continued: “To wastelands thousands of leagues from fair Bretonnia to this corner of the World.  It amazes me they even dare to give this hell-hole a name. Lumbria.” The squire who rode alongside glanced sideways, by now fed up with the constant ravings of his lord. The column of Knights and marching commoners threw up much dust and a huge wave of dust encircled the marching army. At the head rode two banner-bearers, one with the coat-of-arms of Baron Gisoreux de Ponthieu, and a second with the flag of the Armies of the Holy Crusade. Scouts had reported that the roads led to a small pine forest, ideal for ambushes yet unlikely since just beyond the woods lay the destination of the Crusader army: the Palace of the Sun. Few hours later after a boring and uneventful journey the small column arrived at the great palace of white marble and stone. The valley in front of the building was crawling with many figures from small to great, from slim to broad. An enormous tent camp or even small wooden buildings were erected over the entire of the plain. Over the many dusty roads one could see messengers riding like to wind to and from the palace. Armies of Elves, Dwarves and Men had come to defeat the forces of Evil once again and drive them from these holy lands. “At least sacred in the eyes of Bretonnia but for the Empire of the High Elves?” Gisoreux thought as he neared the huge smooth palace: “What do they have to gain to stand their ground here? Or is it to defeat the unholy alliance, created at the Storm, for once and for all?” Gisoreux made the column halt in front of the wooden gates of the palace. To his second-in-command he said: “Set up camp at the southern edge of the encampment and be ready to leave again. I see no banners of Bretonnians here.” Gisoreux was led by an Elven warrior to the centre of the Palace which was being used as war room for the combined forces of the Alliance of Light. The Hall was one bustling nest of activity as people came and left, commanders delivered orders, pointed at maps and created the Grand Plan. To the centre lay a large map of the area on a large and sturdy wooden table. Amongst were the prime leaders of the Alliance as I saw my superiors for this campaign: Alain de Montgallion and Guillaume le Courageux. They were discussing diverse tactics and strategy plans. Striding over Gisoreux almost bumped into a Dwarf carrying a pack of parchments, rewarding the Baron with a fluent series of grunted insults. Ignoring the mentally rampaging Dwarf, I walked to the Generals who now were aware of my arrival. As I nodded respectfully to them, I said: “General de Montgallion, General le Courageux, how does the planning fare?”Good, milord,” answered Alain de Montgallion: “Relations in the Council are good as well. The Combined Alliance has allocated to us the defence of the town of Littleton.”“Most troops and Knights are already there in the evacuated town,” continued Guillaume le Courageux: “First reports indicate we are outnumbered two to one. Nothing we can’t handle if the Lady will support us. From the enemy’s movement we calculated they will launch their first assault within two days.”“There is a small cabin built for you in the field for your writing and receiving of reports. Are you planning to join us on the field some day?” added Alain de Montgallion when Guillaume le Courageux had nothing more to say.“Planning but not sure whether I’ll make it. I will first visit the so much debated shrine I belief, and then pay my respects to the forefather of our King. May your lance strike true, friends.”
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