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Wednesday, 28 June 2006

 To our Lord Sovereign, His Majesty the King of Bretonnia by the grace our Lady, Duke of Couronne, Lady’s Chosen Warrior and First Protector of the Land Louen Leoncouer 

Mylord, I take to the pen on this the Fourth Day of Summer Tide of the year of our Lady 1544 After Gilles to bring ill tidings from the province of Lumbria. You might remember from my monthly letters that things turned from bad to worse these past four months. The attacks of servants of Evil have ever increased; some Knights even fell to their cowardly ways!

The roads are no longer safe and many a pilgrim are ambushed and slain by foul beasts or servants of the four chaos gods.  Past month I dispatched some scouts to the lands around to see from whence those attacks came. Several didn’t return yet one managed to bring news from the lands south of the shrine and tomb. The poor man was barely recognisable and was walking the last steps of his life: how he managed to reach us, I’ll never know, but he was diseased by the Red Pox. The news he had bought with his life was grim indeed: far to the south there lies a keep of unimaginable horror and toil. Its presence darkened the sky and corrupted the green grassland to a waste. At the risk of his own life the scout infiltrated this foul complex of pure evil and was much dismayed at what he saw: the unholy and foul races of the Olde World have forged their alliance anew! The mutated walking rats, the evil kin of Elves and Dwarves, corrupted souls of chaos and the beasts have all gathered there and are massing huge armies of destruction and death! Soon they will have an army great enough to equal the Storm which you, Mylord, have defeated in the north of the Empire with aid of the faithful allies.

 I implore you to send more troops and usher a call-to-arms of all Knights in our fair lands. All will be needed lest doom will fall upon us!  If they overrun this province, the way into the Olde World is free to bring fire and death. I report to you also that we are not alone in this fight: scouts who ventured to the north, returned with hopeful tidings. In a gigantic citadel of light, there have gathered the Elves of across the sea and of Loren, alongside with the stubborn Dwarves and the Imperial scouts. They also sent to their Lords a call for reinforcements and great armies. Soon they will arrive to do battle, we cannot let them stand alone without the banner and sword of Bretonnia next to them.Mylord, I once again bid you to sent reinforcements as we will not hold long to this storm and all our work and study of this discovery and part of our glorious past. I will remain your ever loyal subject in darkness and light,  

Bernard de Mouras, Lord of Glimdale, Royal Archivist

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