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Sunday, 18 June 2006

Thanks to the efforts of langmann, the Admin of Druchii.net, there will be a Warhammer Fantasy campaign this summer, just like the Storm of Chaos last year.


The website at http://www.wfbcampaign.net  is already online and waiting for registrations. To participate, all you need to do is register there.

Our Bretonnian faction, represented by the Round Table of Bretonnia, will definately play at the Light side at the campaign. But besides that, everything concerning Fluff and tactics is still open, and will be created by you, the players. Be sure to read anything concerning that at the campaign site.

We will also re-establish the Bretonnian War Council from last year in a new Board here at the site. If you are interested in organising the War Council during the summer campaign, report at the discussion below. Of course we need anyone participating in the games, forging tactics, and writing fluff!

Enter The War Council...

(only for registered members)


Last Updated ( Thursday, 22 June 2006 )
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For technical and legal reasons, the Round Table of Bretonnia has shut down operations. For inquiries and questions, please contact the admin at webmaster@roundtable-bretonnia.org
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