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A Minstrels tale - Ferran of the Quest PDF Print
Friday, 02 June 2006
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A Minstrels tale - Ferran of the Quest
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-=This is the first piece I ever wrote in a Fantasy setting, so do not judge it to hard.=-


Ferran of the Quest, is a tale about the young knight Ferran.

The story changes between the Minstrel Jean-Luc as he tells the tale, and the events as the unfold for Ferran himself.

 All in all it is about 14 pages long.

-=Bear with me, my first attempt of a Fantasy Tale. Feel free to drop a line or two of what to do better, and what sucked.=-

The air was thick with smoke from pipe wielding elder men, the scent of sweat and the soar of the occupants in the tavern. Jean-Luc finished the melody of Damsel Elise and the dragon, and as an award, he received some clapping hands and cheering by the taverns patrons. Free food, wine and lodgings were his payment for entertaining the Raging boar’s occupants for the night, and desperate for food he had agreed.

Jean-Luc reached over for his goblet of wine and placed it to his lips to refresh himself, before he plucked a few of the cords on his lute and looked out over the gathering of patrons. The tavern filled to its brim, with the best of what Bretonnia could offer. All from serving wenches to the off duty soldiers of the keep nearby. The light from the fireplace and the two large chandeliers hanging from the roof in thick dark chains illuminated the tavern, and its light played over the five round sturdy oak tables, by which the patrons sat and savoured their wine and food. The serving maid tending to the men at arms by the long table meet his gaze for a moment and it spoke of the pleasures the night would bring if he did his job well.

“Fellow citizens, my brethren and servants of the king…Ohh proud people of Breton, let me tell the tale of Sir Ferran of the Quest.”

As he spoke, his fingers carefully worked the strings of the lute to accompany each word to start up the melody. Like magic did the soar die down as most of the patrons turned their attention to the minstrel.

A man of Breton, hair so dark and eyes so blue.
Serving his Kingship, and Lady so true.
Young Sir Ferran, clad in armour a knight.
Brought the enemies, of our lord to flight.


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