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Friday, 24 March 2006

If you haven't read the thread yet then I've made a Bretonnian Anthem. It is sung in 4/4 time and consists of 3 verses, a slight bridge, then a two part chorus.

It took me a little bit to think of the right words to rhyme and it isn't my life's work but it IS pretty good and I hope people would like to accept it as the Bretonnian National Anthem.

Armies march under a banner
Shining bright and in the sky 
To defense and for the Lady
In the air our lances fly

Our devotion to our honor
And patriotism to our nation

We fight for Bretonnia only

To serve our faith’s sensation

To the foe our horses ride
In the darkest of the storms

And prevailing in our Lady’s eye
ur light be only a holy glow

We seek the Lady’s bless
We set out on our quests

Our weapons held close

Valiant? The most

We have faith in success

Bretonnia, Bretonnia
We serve for thee in glory

The Lady guides
And we serve to die
For our tales be written in story

Bretonnia, Bretonnia
We stand by thy side

For forever old
Until death takes toll
May Bretonnia never die

Extras that were going to be used:


Our faith holds strong
As the Lady leads
Bretonnia holds on
as our tale be weaved

Bordeleux to Couronne
Lynoesse to Montfort
Bastonne to Carcassonne
shall all be welcomed in our court


Lands of freedom
And protection to thee
14 dukedomes rule around
in quest for liberty


Ridding of the Greenskin
and expanding our borders
to the limit that we can acheive
May we never be shorter


Blessed be those
who have seen that Lake
which our Lady is from
and we pray for our sakes


Thanks for Reading!


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