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HWT looks out for help with Rollcall-Armybuilder PDF Print
Tuesday, 14 March 2006

The following is a request posted at the Warvault Community Forums by IBBoard, admin of Hive World Terra.

I strongly support his request, maybe someone with a little time from our Bretonnian Community can be found to have a look after the army files for Bretonnia... everyone would benefit from it! 


Firstly, a brief explanation of Rollcall before everyone starts looking blank about my request!

Rollcall is an army builder program (like Wolflair's Army Builder, only more closely aimed at Warhammer/40K and, more importantly, free!). It was originally created by John L Martin in 1997, was maintained byMudipaws for a while, and is now maintained and hosted by myself at Hive World Terra.

As some of you may or may not know, Hive World Terra is home of the Rollcall army builder and has been home to Army Definition Files (ADF)for it for a long time (back at least as far as Feb 2001, according toweb.archive.org). The only problem at the moment is that although thereare a good variety of 40K 3rd Edition ADF, the Warhammer files were Warhammer 4th/5th edition and so haven't been updated.
My request goes out to all gamers of all races of both main games. The site currently has no WHFB ADF files, since I don't play v6 and I didn'tsee the point in migrating the v4/v5 ones to the new site. We're alsonot up to date on quite a few of the Warhammer 40,000 ADF files.

I'm only a general gamer, and my site isn't race specific. Many of the Warvault member sites are aimed at a single race, and so you'll know theraces better than I do. If anyone can help provide a file for any race(they're simple text-files) then I'd greatly appreciate it. Forummember support from any community site would also be a great help, ifyou want to request help from your site members on my behalf.

 All Rollcall downloads are available in the Rollcall Downloads area. Anyone wanting to create/update a file will need the relevant ADF Manual from there, and will also need to read the Games Workshop's IP rules for ArmyBuilders article so that the files don't get banned/forcefully removed by an over-zealousGW Legal team. I've had them complain at me once before, but a fewlimitations in the files, like not including the body text of rules, andthey were happy.

If anyone has any questions, please drop me a line, post at my forums or post in the thread on the Warvault forums.



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