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Written by Armin H.   
Tuesday, 14 February 2006

This page is dedicated to all the Members of the Round Table of Bretonnia.


  • To view a list of all registered Knights, visit the Members List. Feel free to register at the Round Table of Bretonnia, to be listed with you heraldry and origin, and to participate in all aspects of the Warhammer Hobby and Bretonnia!
  • Everyone involved in running the site is listed at the Staff List.
  • We'd especially like to thank all supporters for their continuing donations to keep the site running. For donations, there is the PayPal-button at the top right.
  • To see where everyone is coming from around the world, visit the Members Map. It also includes some help about how to appear on the globe.
  • A list of awards which are handed out to deserving members here can be seen at the page Knightly Orders and Awards of the Round Table.
Last Updated ( Monday, 14 May 2007 )

For technical and legal reasons, the Round Table of Bretonnia has shut down operations. For inquiries and questions, please contact the admin at webmaster@roundtable-bretonnia.org
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