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Monday, 13 February 2006
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The Tale of Jean Marcel
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This tale is woven together to show the coming of the great Jean Marcel le Honorable and how he received his name, le Honorable. Honed in his martial skills and presented early ruling of his Dukedom after his father's death at the age of 15, within 5 years, before the loss at Death Pass, he and a huge band of knights, set out to rid the south of orcs.


And Now, The Tale of Jean Marcel.

It began during a Great Crusade sent by the King
himself. I volunteered and the King fully supported it. He allowed me to bring his personal Battle Standard Bearer, Henry LeFort. With me I brought my true friend and companion Earl Crestonne.

With this I brought my army and whoever followed the King's order. The year was 1510. I had only recently completed the oath of my quest and found the lady. I had been assigned as Duke of L'Anguille for 5 years now and my people were worthily devoted to my rule on L'Anguille.

We ended up close to Blood River where the savage orcs had reclaimed the land. We marched onto the deserted plains. We came across a chasm. There were two openings on the side and the land crawled up to create cliff sides on the sides of the chasm. In the middle a giant boulder rest. I had a host of Knights errants followed by my single unit of Knights of the Realm that followed chivalrously behind me on my journey. Crestonne had brought along his unit of Questing Knights with him and a rabble of peasants. Henry LeMont followed along my side to the battlefield.

Henry LeFoRt lifted the banner slowly and unrolled it when it was fully extended. It glittered with pure gold and silver, jewels surrounding it. The knights looked at it in an awe inspiring sight. We suddenly heard in the depths of the chasm, “Waaaaaagh!!!!”

Crestonne looked into the widening chasm then turned his head back and looked at the banner.

“How’d you pull that off Lord Marcel? The King’s banner is the most worthy banner to wield in a battle.” Crestonne asked.

I looked back at him with a smile, “I have my ways. Get your men into the position I need, it seems the orcs appear to be coming closer.”

“Yes sir.” He reported back.

I looked down the chasm and told my men to follow my lead. Everyone knew what to do. The loud noises of the “Waaaaagh”, screaming at the top of their orc-ish throats, were soon to be cut at my sword. My men looked at me as we traveled into the chasm with certain distrust in my thoughts but I inspired them to fight for me and I knew they would not leave.

The ravaging sounds of the orcs came closer and I asked Henry LeFort to roll the flag up once again and he did so, drawing his lance for combat. I took the lance from the back of my horse and held it forward in position to strike. With us were my unit of Knights of the Realm, 2 blocks of Knights Errants, and 2 units of Men-at-arms. We looked at the boulder in front of us and around the corner came a disheartening sight.

Black, savage, starving, heavily armored orcs approached on both sides of the boulder screaming for something to eat as they were accompanied by goblins. We looked into their eyes and the orcs did stare back at us with blood lust and discontent. I raised my lance and screamed, “For the Lady, CHARGE!!!!” The beat of war drums began as our men-at-arms engaged the enemy on the sides and we charged forth, lances abroad, and cut the foe asunder!

The orcs charged into our lances as I pierced their heads with the Lady’s own lance. I picked my foes as I jabbed with my lance through the hearts of the enemy. Orc after orc came to my steed and I blocked with my shield at the lashing choppas on my side and swung back with my lance until it broke into shattered wood. I drew my blade as I kicked the orc-ish dogs off my horse’s barding and swing my blade through one’s head and turned to swing through another’s body. I looked around as I saw orcs had defeated the men-at-arms and started to surround my knights’ sides. It was an overwhelming feeling as I saw us, terribly outnumbered. That’s when I did it. Surrounded by our own knights, I looked at Henry LeFort. I yelled to him.

“Open the Banner! Open the Banner!!”, and he did. As he did this, Earl Crestonne above the high cliffs of the chasm approached the edge and laughed at the poor orcs. Bowmen stepped up around the chasm’s edge and fired downwards piercing orc helmets and armor, ripping through their starving, dry, black flesh. The goblins in the chasm looked up and fired their bows upwards hitting but few peasants. Our first step had been accomplished. The orcs still filled the chasm and surrounded us as I looked at my Standard Bearer, Maurice Chaunet, and told him to wave our banner.

It waved through the air and with that, a familiar cranking noise was heard as the appearance of masonry was seen falling onto the orcs and goblins, crushing them easily, and out of the sides of the chasm did come the rest of my knights errants lead by Jacque Priconne. He charged the sides and rears of the orcs as they suffered being run down by our brutal knights and horses running them down, caving in the orc-ish skulls. The knights’ lances pierced through each green and black body tearing the skin open and letting their black blood drown the desert sands as they came around the boulder, we opened our battle line into a straight line and pushed the orcs back like a moving wall as the knights errants blocked their escape path around the giant boulder.

Suddenly, everything went wrong. Orcs started engaging the backs of the knights errants. They fought off as many as they could before they were mowed down by blood thirsty orcs. We started to fall back as the orcs came closer. Our plan failed. We turned around to our rears and saw more orcs.

“How?!” I thought.

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