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Wednesday, 08 February 2006
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A lady is waiting
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AndreaLyn re-entered the kitchen to find one of the village oafs perusing the female help. She asked quietly if she now looked acceptable and the cook laughed and nodded. Andrea began cleaning pots.

For it was a labor she had loved since childhood, the cleaning of the kitchen and de Rochefort’s floor was well laid with slate and small troughs to take the spilled water away. She put a large pot on the stove and filled it with water, about 16 gallons. She noted the Oaf had left.

The Morning meals were served and the scullery maids busy at work. Each one worked independently, not like the chain of workers at the Sentinel; three scouring, three washing, two rinsing, Three drying and returning the clean things to storage. Here were 16 maids all cleaning pots and pans and utensils. And apparently from three days past.

She did not make a suggestion, but cleaned pots and pans and enjoyed the conversations when the oaf and two squires re-entered the kitchen.

She braced herself to repel any and all mischief.

Now the Marquis de Rochefort arises early and today was no exception. After breaking his nightly fast, he inquired as to the Lady recently arrived from Brionne and no one could tell where she was. Alarmed by this he moved quicker in his search of the Manor, arriving at the kitchen just in time to see the Oaf approach Lady du Bois Guilbert from behind.

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