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Friday, 20 January 2006
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De Rochfort was ahorse once again and saw Robin the Brave with a bolt in his shoulder. As he road to the wounded knight Robin cried out cheerfully, “Tis not my sword arm, sir!” as he took his place in the lance formation.

The bowmen were standing behind the low wall, bows drawn and shooting at the Skaven emerging from the fires. They were near out of arrows, but they kept shooting.

Two children rolled a barrel out from one structure and they were laughing. “Look what we found in Mosshart’s shed!”

As they had rolled the barrel to the archers, Jonathon hacked the lid open and it was packed with arrows.

“Praise the Lady!” said Robin the Brave looking up and smiling at Jacques de Rochefort, “she does not abandon the good.”

Suddenly a Skaven entered the compound and rushed to the children, dagger drawn. He struck the nearest child down and was dispatched by Robin the Braves great weapon. The other children did not run away but methodically issued arrows to the archers.

Sir Beaupain scooped the wounded child up. Looking into the calm features of the Questing Knight, the youngster smiled and said “we did a good thing, didn’t we?”, then fainted. Beaupain took him to where he could get attention and when he returned was grim of face.

By now it was late and darkness was falling. The Ratmen drums began beating the death march.

Jacques gave the signal for the remaining oil barrels to be turned over and the rush of the liquid ran down the entrenchments. He noticed the lead elements of the Skaven were close enough to see their faces. He watched many Skaven lose their footing as the oil ran down the inclines. Had it been a pantomime he would have laughed.

A long whistle from Jonathon and all the archers put their arrow tips into the brazier and as one loosed the flaming projectiles out into the entrenchments. The explosion surprised the defenders and threw many of the ratmen skywards on fire!

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