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Friday, 20 January 2006
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The four regiments of Skaven did not turn to meet the threat from behind. The Questors advanced across the lower entrenchments while ratmen scampered over the defensive stakes easily and suddenly Jacques knew why the ratmen were so determined to assault the fortress. He screamed “To the Fort, Hasten Forward Quickly Brothers!” and again he sped into the lines of the vermin hewing his way through and the Questors were with him. One and two volleys of flaming arrows were loosed from behind the low walls of the fort and fires were started.

He shouted to the men in the barren ground. “Empty out the Strong House, get the women and children to the Smithy.” He wheeled to six young men with Bows.

“Take yonder barrel of oil and place inside the strong room” The lads did what they were told and within moments the huge barrel was atop the slate floor.. He rode into the Strong House shouting for the second barrel and it arrived within seconds as well. He dismounted, his eyes searching the floor and he focused on a pile of hay.

The young men thought him mad as he kicked the straw across the floor and thrusting with his great sword. Only when the sound of metal on metal was heard, did they understand and the hay was quickly swept away.

To reveal a large metal grate 4’ x 8 foot and Skaven trying to push the grate to one side which was made difficult by the weight of de Rochfort’s destrier and the flashing of his blade. Both barrels were rolled over the grating as well and with two bold strokes the tops were broken and the viscous liquid filled the steep sloping tunnel below the floor.

One of the young men went to the door and shouted “Jonathon, we need fire here!” and in response a flaming arrow flew through the doorway and the grate. The destrier left quickly as did the young men with de Rochfort the last one out.

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