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Friday, 20 January 2006
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When the time came they would charge to the fort, slaying as many of the enemy as possible. He would be last man inside and would tip the large container of oil which would fuel the flames.

All the peasants would go into the Strong House as he and the knights defended them in the open yard.

At dusk, the six knights left the fort to take up position and by ten of the clock that night they were in place. They slept in the saddle with Jacques at guard. Just after first cock crow he heard the soft voice of Brian the Good. “What is that stench floating on the air?”

“Skaven” came the short reply and de Rochfort pointed out across the flatland.
The Ratmen advanced boldly and so focused on their target, they did not see the Questors in the tall wet grasses by the river.

“By the Lady, I count six regiments.” Said Niles Beaupain and he took his position behind Robin the Brave and Sir Brian at his right with Richard the Strong in front next to de Rochefort. The remaining questors took up the rearmost positions.

“Will somebody sound the alarum in the fort?” Hissed one of the rearmost Questors and as if in response the clanging could be heard. Jacques turned his head “Gentlemen, do not dally. Kill or cripple as many as you can as you ride to the fort. He unfurled his talisman of the Purebred and they broke into a trot emerging from the grasses. At twenty yards the horses broke into a full gallop and they rushed into the first regiment from the rear.

The regiment died to the last and as the Questors hacked their way through another regiment only eight of the ratmen died and they were slowed by the vermin. The battle spent its first hour. Jacques noted a Plague Priest transfixed

with a clothyard shaft through its neck and by the third round of combat since the start they were free of the second regiment and facing the remaining four. The fourth hour was gone.

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