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Friday, 20 January 2006
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When asked from what, Jacques said “Anything that would threaten good Bretonnians!”

That is when a bloodcurdling scream came from the southern end of the farm and Sir Robin the Brave rode up with the body of a Skaven across his saddle.

“Scout” said he and de Richfort responded “Hawk” and a captive Winterhawk was released with a brief message

By the end of the third day, the Fortressed Farm was filled with settlers. The tall grasses had been cleared, exposing the stakes and trenches. The entire dirt compound was searched for any sign of Skaven, from tunnels to tracks, but nothing was revealed.

The Questors all pitched in and had won the hearts of the commoners before the first day had ended. There were work groups for the clearing and tilling and seeding; Three groups made a barrier wall around the perimeter of buildings. Of the menfolk, all possessed Longbows and enough arrows for possibly three volleys. Sir Niles Beaupain established watches and provided some training. A marvelous tocsin was found in the Smithy’s building and this was moved to the very center of the barren ground. By the 4th day a watch tower had been erected which commanded a full view of the lands surrounding the Fortress.

Of the prisoners they were resistant to cooperation, even after the lengthy explanation of a trial and the outcome was completed they kept their mouths shut.

The solemnity was broken by one of the children came forth to suggest that she had come up with a perfectly wonderful name for the new settlement and she suggested “HandtoFist” in honor of the current activity and the name stuck. She got to ride on Sir Richards destrier for an entire hour.

All settlers were accounted for including the wounded and sick. Foods were gathered and stored and makeshift weapons made under the guidance of Robin the Brave.

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